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Katy, Tx

"No we changing the floor to this one" I stared at ivy we was at home depot looking for different floor to put in the house we just bought

"Are you even listening" She smacked her lips "Yeah" I was tired of being here actually

"So which one ?" She held two marble samples "this one" I picked the black one "of course" she mumbled

"Momo we go home?" Bb whined eating his chips "just a minute hold on"

"Take me out" he reached for me I took him out the basket "dont run off" he took off as soon as I put him down he ran off

"Fuck" I ran after him he was laughing like it was funny. He ran into a cart getting knocked down

"Awwwl shit" I hurried and picked him before he could let out a cry "You ight bruh" I rubbed his back

"Im so sorry" the lady apologized "its ight" I walked off back to his sister. He was crying loud

"What happened?" She sat her stuff in the basket getting him. "He ran into a basket hard falling down"

"Come on so we can go hush bb" she pushed the basket I followed her to check out

"367.86 is your total" the cashier I pulled out four blue hunnits "I could've paid for it"

"Shut up" the lady gave me the change back I stuffed it in my pocket I grabbed the bags

Walking to my car "unlock the door"

"You obviously see I cant, get the keys out my pocket" she got the keys out

I opened the back seat putting the bags in there .


"Get from by me" I moved to the other side of ivy couch "I-" she looked confused

She sat down staring at me "have you took yo medicine?" She asked "no" I slouched down

"Why not I told you to this morning after my workout" I looked off into space ignoring what she was talking bout

I should go home ... nawh Ion feel like it but I am tired of her talking. I mugged her just watching her mouth move not listening to what she saying

I got up moving next to her . I grabbed her by her neck kissing her "you gone shut the fuck up now ?" Her mouth hung open

I made space between us she turned the other way on her phone. We sat in quietness I was glad she talk way too much

I scrolled on tik tok getting a message from one of my hoes. "Im finna go I'll see you later" I stood up stretching

"Okay lock the door behind you" she walked to her room "no hug?"

"No boy get gone" I smacked my lips leaving


I popped the cork off the wine glass pouring some into two different cups. "Here bitch" I gave sekani the other glass

"Thank you bitch im tired you had me doing all that work" we both plotted on my couch

I went to the store and bought new stuff for my house changing up it since spring was around the conner

"You welcome" I kicked my shoes on the floor "So I talk to this dl boy from the 3rd" I raised my eyebrow

"Who? " he smiled putting his invisible hair behind his ear "Im not telling you nope you dont know my business and ian telling you"

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