Love Is Blind [4]

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"Two times in one week? What's going on with you Skye?" My doctor asked. She looked at me with concern.

"My ex-boyfriend saw me with another guy and got mad. He yanked on my arm and it popped out of place."

She nodded. "I'm going to get an officer to come and take your statement and then you can go down to the pharmacy for your pain meds. Then you're free to go," she smiled at me and I could tell it was genuine.

"Thanks doc." She left and I sat there. My shoulder was now in place and on a sling, but it still stung a bit. I couldn't believe Luke would do lash out like that. I mean, he broke up with me...after promplty beating my ass. Plus, he was with another bitch. Normally I don't swear this much, but it seems being nice gets you nowhere...but in a hospital.

The more I thought back on me and Luke's entire relationship, the madder I got. That asshole had no right to treat me the way he did. And I was sick of crying over something as worthless as him. That's when I decided that a change was needed. When the officers came in to take my statement, I asked for a restraining order after I told them everything, from the very first altercation. I walked out to the waiting room to see my parents, sister, Quinn, Jarred, and surprisingly, Tristan.

"I swear I'm going to kick his ass when I find him Skye," Jarred whispered in my ear as he hugged me and planted a kiss on my forehead. He was the closest thing I had to a brother and I was really appreviative of him. Quinn came and held my only good hand while my sister hugged me softly.

"So you decided to go back to him? How stupid could you get Skye?" My mother narrowed her eyes at me as if I was a stranger, when really she should have been looking in the mirror.

"Actually mother," I put emphasis to her name, "I was at the boardwalk with my friends when he saw me and got mad."

She pursed her lips and then rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just get your ass in the car. I'm sick of you running up the damn hospital bill everytime you and your lover have a spat." I bit my lip to keep from saying something bad to her, mainly out of respect for my father who had at that moment stepped in.

"That's enough. Let's go home," he gave my mother a stern look and it softened when he looked at me.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Tristan said. I'd forgotten he was there since he was so quiet. He gave me a side smile that made me want to smile back and stalked off. Jarred and Quinn left after him and I walked out of the hospital with Hadley and my dad on each side of me, while my so called mother lagged behind.

That night, I stared at myself in the mirror. My brown hair looked lifeless and was all over the place. My green eyes were dull and had bags under them. I shook my head at myself and stepped into the steaming shower, that was starting to fog up the mirror. I washed in my kiwi melon scented soap and shampoo. My shoulder was still tender, but it was nothing extreme. I got dressed in some shorts and a tank and went to my computer. First, I checked my facebook. I had a new message from Luke.


Everything that happened early was your fault. That never would've happened if you kept your ugly ass at home. you'll never be worth anything more than a piece of shit and I hope you rot in hell. You're a bitch and I'm going to fuck you up...again. Have a great night. :-)


My temper flared times ten and I slammed my computer shut. This has to stop. i was sick of him always putting me down. I was going to change that. I hopped up from my chair and stormed down to my fathers study and knocked.

"Come in," he voiced. I turned the knob and stepped in. The wood paneled walls glowed from the lamp on his desk. The far east wall was a wall to wall bookshelf that was at capacity. His great mahogany desk sat in front of it, and he sat behind it, leaning back into a comfortaable chair with a book in his hand.. A couch sat under the long window and I took a seat there, folding my legs under me. The room smelled of tobacco and peppermint.

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