My darling~

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Yandere nightmare x male reader
Narrator's pov
Your Au was the next one on his chopping block but when he noticed you he felt something else. Like when a cat when they see a red dot from a laser. So when the day came to destroy your Au he told the others to leave you out of this and that he'll take care of it.

Y/n's pov
Sitting on my couch reading a book just relaxing, well I was until I heard screams so I looked out of my window to see a goopy being stabbing another human with a tendril. When I closed the blinds a chuckle broke the silence making me turn around to see and this confused me cause wasn't he just outside? "Well looks like we have time before I take you back with me~" I was still confused until I felt something latch around my waist pulling me towards him. "Y/n save those lovely screams for later~" I tried breaking free but the thing was too strong so I stopped. Feeling suddenly dizzy I closed my eyes only to find myself being put on a bed somewhere else. "Stay." Is all they said before disappearing leaving me in a dark room with little to no light. (Ok think straight and we'll get out of here!) I thought dashing through the door and into a long hallway making me mentally groan and ran down it. The hallway felt endless and a few minutes later I heard a step making dart into one of the multiple rooms that were in this place. Holding a hand over my mouth I saw a another skeleton looking around before saying. "Boss he's not here!" And they walked away making me sigh in relief. "Did you really think that this would work?" I began to run only for the same tendril to grab me bringing me close to his face. "Since you tried running I think a punishment is in order~" that same dizzy feeling came back and when I opened my eyes again we were what I assume was his room. Two tendrils tied my hands together holding them above my head and the other two began to spread my legs as a unwanted blush form across my face. He started to lick my neck looking for a sweet spot as held back moans. "The names nightmare if you want to scream~" He said biting down hard on my sweet spot making me almost moan. Biting my bottom lip to confide even more moans nightmare tore off my shirt and glided his hands around my chest. "I'm surprised that able to hold back all this time but you be able to for long~" he then lightly kissed me surprising me enough for him to slip his tongue in and he fought for dominance which he obviously won allowing him to finally get a moan out of me making him chuckle. "There we go~ I can't wait to make you scream~" he broke the kiss and immediately tore off my last remaining clothes and he then took off his letting me see his member. "I hope your ready~" he said before roughly thrusting into me as pain surfaced. Nightmare then planted light kisses over my chest and neck making pleasure shoot through the pain. Nightmare thrusted roughly once more and a moan spilled from me. He then started thrusting at godly speeds making me scream in pleasure as he chuckled. "Heh your such a naughty little slut aren't you~" he said slamming even harder into me as my screams got louder. After awhile his thrusts got sloppy but still rough and. "D-damn y-y/n I'm gonna- Mmh~" he released inside of me as I did the same before he flopped onto the bed as I was gasping for breath. He then snapped his fingers putting me in new clothes and he wrapped his arms around me sighing. "Goodnight my darling~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Lukielu out!

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