80, wrinkled and surrounded by 60 different cats...

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Mum knocks on my bedroom door for the millionth time and I groan, rolling over in my sleep.

"Emily, you've got half an hour to be up and ready!" She yells through the crack in the door. I hear her footsteps grow fainter as she walks back down the stairs.

"Screw you." I mutter, flipping a finger at the door. I know she can't see me but I earn a sense of satisfaction from it.

Does Mum seriously want to walk around and act like the perfect family all day?

I haven't seen any of Mum's or Dad's family since he died. It's almost as if Mum wanted to isolate herself after his death. Once Trevor came along, he made sure we never spoke to our relatives again. I remember having endless days where I felt insanely lonely, nothing but my teddy bears and barbie dolls to keep me company. Considering it's been six years since I've seen my family, I'm feeling a little nervous.

I glance at the outfit I bought yesterday that's hung up on my wardrobe door. Yes, I know . . . I'm pretty last minute.

It's a light pink dainty dress that ends just above my knees. It's a gorgeous lace collar that made me feel pretty and feminine when I tried it on. I'm wearing nude tights underneath to hide my scars and white pumps that I'd found in the back of my wardrobe. Comfy but cute.

Mum using Trevor as a threat against me is still fresh in my mind and I couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. I plan on ignoring her and Trevor the whole way there and back. It wasn't as if we had anything interested to say to each other anyway. How sad is that?

After showering, changing and completing my hair and makeup, I'm finally ready.

"Twenty three minutes, not bad." I grin, feeling proud of myself. How many other girls can say they got ready in that time?

My stomach still flares up in pain and I'mon constant painkillers to dull the pain out but I manage to make myself look presentable. I grab my phone off my bed and tuck it into the small shoulder bag I'm taking with me. Exhaling slowly I open my bedroom door and walk downstairs.

Let's get this over with.


The wedding ceremony was incredibly boring.

After being greeted by a hundred and one cousins and aunties I never knew I had, I was officially pooped out. My eyes became heavy, fluttering shut. I was exhausted and my body craved sleep.

A sharp jab in my ribs woke me up suddenly and I hissed in pain, clutching it tightly. I spun my head around, glaring at the culprit - Trevor. He was frowning at me, eyes burning holes through mine. I sighed and sat up straighter, willing for the ceremony to be over soon.

On the plus side, Auntie Mandy looked gorgeous. She was wearing a stunning white floor length dress, her smile lighting up the room. When she had seen me, her eyes filled with tears and she hugged me tightly. I grinned as she repeating over and over again how much I had grown. The woman practically cut off my circulation for a few minutes but I didn't mind.

It's nice feeling like you belong, even if it is only for a day.

After the vows and photographs, everyone began to head towards the party room to celebrate in style. AKA - Get so drunk, you forget your own name.

I walked slowly behind everyone, dragging my feet as I went. All I want is to sleep, is that so much to ask?

"Emily? Is that you?"

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