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When I had waken I immeadiately noticed that I was in an unfamilar environment. I tensed up, the smell was all off. I sniffed the air once more and tasted a faint trail that I knew belonged to my mother and father. That meant they were here.

I let out a relieved breath and relaxed indefiniately. Pushing myself up into a sitting position I looked around the room. It reminded me of my old nursery back at the cottage in the choice of colors -white and powder blue. It was beautiful and serene.

I was sitting on a large bed that seemed to be hanging from the ceiling. Getting to my feet I took a couple steps and looked down. I was on the second story of my bedroom. To my left a spiral staircase led to the bottom floor which was set up like a living room but for more entertainment.

In the center was a small platform and in the middle of that was a grand piano, powder blue in its color with beautiful ivory colored keys.

The entire walls were upholstered in a powder blue color with white buttons. The only acception was the wall that was made up of floor to ceiling length windows that opened up onto the balcony that overlooked the grounds. It was beautiful.

Ignoring the rest of the bedroom I walked straight to the window and looked outside. There was my mother sitting in a large meadow of blue, purple and white flowers. She looked happy and relaxed.

Wait? Where was my father?

A hand on my shoulder caused me to jump slightly. Hissing from shock I turned around ready to defend myself. Only it was just my father.

"Oh. Sorry daddy you just scared me." I said embarrased. I could feel the blood pooling in my cheeks and I knew I was blushing.

My father brushed his hand along my flushed cheeks and then pulled me into his arms. "It's okay." When he released me I noticed his attention was on the sight of my mother. "Care to come outside? There is so much to see."

He didn't even have to try and sell me on the idea. I loved the outdoors.

My father held out his hand and I took it. He pulled me to the beautiful glass doors that led out to my balcony and we jumped down. Only when we landed and I turned back to look at my room did I realize my bedroom had a beautiful wrap around balcony.

"Come Renesmee." My father beckoned me before he went to join my mother in the beautiful meadow that overlooked the waters on the property.

As I looked at the waters I froze as I remembered the incident on the island that had almost taken my life. The memory replayed in my mind. I could taste the salt in the warm waters, feel my chest tightening from the lack of air and my lungs growing exhausted.

"Renesmee?" My fathers voice called me. It sounded like he was so far away.

I blinked and turned towards the sound of his voice only to realize he wasn't as far as he had sounded but just mere yards from me. His expression was worrisome.

"I'm fine." I lied before I began the short walk to the meadow where my mother sat.

Once there I took a seat sitting cross legged beside my mother. She looked at me and smiled before pulling my head to rest on her shoulder.


Plus que ma propre vie." My mother said to me. Her french accent was a bit off but I knew exactly what she was referring to.

I lifted my hand up to my neck and grasped the locket she had given me for Christmas. More then my own life. That was what the french words translated to. I meant more to my mother then her own life. She had proved that on several occasions when she was willing to give her life just so I could live mine.

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