Stars dancing around my vision.

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I sit on my bed and sigh, running my hands through my wild hair. I barely slept a wink, my entire sleep was plagued with nightmares. The sun is now beginning rising, sending a small amount of light peeking through my curtains. The light bounces off the walls, creating an iridescent glow of golds.

I close my eyes and lean back against the wall, enjoying the silence and peace the morning has to offer. The air is always so crisp and fresh, almost as if the world is offering me a clean slate every single day.

My thoughts drift to the encounter with Jake yesterday.

What if he figures out my secret?

Surely he wouldn't.

I've kept everything a secret for years and now one silly little mistake is threatening to ruin that. I curse under my breath, rubbing my temple as I feel a headache beginning to form. Lack of sleep and stress can do that to you.

"Just stay away from him Emily," I mutter to myself. . .

That's kind of hard to do when we both share a classroom.


I pull up my jeans and settle on wearing a cropped jumper with denim jeans. My hair is pin straight and I walk over to my dresser, wincing as I catch a glimpse of my face.

"I need a miracle," I groan unhappily, reaching for my makeup bag. I apply concealer under my eyes to disguise the lack of sleep. I also use it to cover up a tender bruise and after a few minutes, it's barely recognisable. Over the years I've mastered hiding cuts, bruises and scars with makeup. It's a hidden talent of mine.

I finish it off with some mascara, eyeliner and a hint of blush. When I'm satisfied, I choose a lip colour before popping it into my school bag. I gather everything I need before heading for my bedroom door.

Last night I heard Mum and Trevor arguing for hours, thankfully he never laid a finger on her. They'd clearly made up as after the arguing came noises from their bedroom that I never want to hear again. I mentally gag, hoping to God they used a condom. The last thing this dysfunctional family needs is an innocent baby.

I push open the kitchen door to grab a breakfast bar before heading out. When I notice Trevor sat at the dining table, I freeze, my eyes zoning in on his back. I don't dare breathe incase he hears me. I slowly back up, my feet moving at a snails pace so I don't alert him. I manage to turn halfway around when I hear his voice cut through the silent atmosphere —

"Where do you think you're going?"

His words are blurred from his drunken state. I hear the fresh anger in them and wince as I stop in my tracks. I close my eyes and count to five in an effort to calm my breathing down. My hands begin to tremble by my side as I turn around slowly, coming face to face with him.

"School, where I go everyday." I murmur quietly. He raises one eyebrow and begins taking slow steps towards me. I press myself back into the wall as much as I can, wishing he'll walk straight past me and leave me alone. The stench of alcohol hits me as he approaches and I bite down on my bottom lip to stop myself from gagging in repulsion. He walks past me and I breathe out before realising I shouldn't feel relieved just yet.

His laboured breaths close up from behind me, creeping up the exposed skin on my neck. He's so close and growing closer by the second. His presence causes my stomach to clench in fear before twisting and turning in disgust. I eventually feel his body connect with mine from behind and I stiffen before forcing my feet to step forward.

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