Early morning,

“Wake up sunshine? It’s time to get up?” Jack’s trying to wake up you

“Wait? What?! Jack?! How did you?” you said and saw Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall looking at you with their PJ’s on “Wait? How did you?”

“We slept here last night... I asked to open this room then the bell boy opened it... That’s why we’re here” said Liam

“Yup... We did not wake you up last night ‘coz you been having a deep sleep... We don’t want to disturb you” said Jack sitting beside you

“So... Let’s go now and prepare...” said Zayn and they started to prepared their selves for the concert, as you get off to bed and went to the window

“Oh my?! Where they come from” you said and were shocked because outside was a huge crowd of people and were shouting “1D! 1D! 1D!”

“Yeah!” Niall waving at them and Zayn take a peek too and smiled to their fans.

Meanwhile... at the Back stage,

*calling 1 of the boys*

“Why they’re not answering my call?” said Louis

“Dear? Are you ready now?” asked Elly

“Ah.. yah... but my friends weren’t here yet?” said Louis

“Oh come on... Never mind them... the important here is you, that you’re here already...” said Elly “and Oh? I’ll go to the C.R., brb?!” and he tried to dial their phone numbers but he remember you

*calling you*

“(y/n)?! Your phone’s ringing? and an Identified number??” said Harry while you’re at the bathroom

“Would you please answer it? Thanks.” You said

“Ok..” said Harry “Hmm... an unknown caller?"

*answer the call*

Harry: "He-hello?”

Louis: “(y/n)?”

Harry: “Lou-is?”

Louis: “Harry?! Is that you? Is (y/n) with you?”

Harry: “Nope... but she’s on the bathroom... taking a bath?”

“Who is it?” you asked him,

Harry: “Wait a minute Lou?"

"It’s Louis!” Harry said “Louis?!” you said

Loui: “What is she doing?”

Harry: “I said she's taking a bath?”

“Louis is calling me?” you asked “Yep?!” Harry said

Louis: “Can I talk to her?”

Harry: “aa.. Nope?”

“How did he get my number?” you asked “I don’t know?” said Harry

Louis: “Why? Huh?”

Harry: “Wait a minute Louis!"

"(y/n)?! Why don’t you try to ask him not me? Aaa?” said Harry “But?” you said and wearing your bathrobe and went out of the bathroom and Harry’s doing the signal “Go for it?”

You: “Aaa? Hello it’s me?”

Harry left you,

Louis: “Hey?”

when Elly was done and went out of the bathroom,

Louis: “Aahh... Got to go now... Bye?”

*ends the call*

"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!