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chapter 11

sofias pov

tw: mention of r*pe

(happy mothers day!!)

"we need to talk to you." leo says and i roll my eyes and nod.

i follow them out of my room and down the hall. when we got to the living room. they point to a chair and i sat down. a million thoughts went through my head. what did they need to talk about? is it about sienna? are they not going to make us go to italy.

"sofia, you there?" marco says taking me out of my mini trance.

"yeah. what did you need to talk to me about?" i say as im fidgeting with one of my rings on my finger. i will burst out in tears if they try to talk to me about dad. its always been a touchy subject for me and it still hurts to think about.

"so since we are going to italy in like 4 hours, do you want to say bye to mom?" marco says and i look at him.

"no" is all i said.

"are you sure?" leo questions.

"yes" i say while i stand up and i started walking away.

"whos siennas dad?" i turn my head way to fast and i almost broke my damn neck.

"why would i tell you?" i say as coldly as i can.

marcos pov

"because i wanna kill him." i say as serious as possible even though im joking.im not going to kill him i still wanna know who he is.

"yeah, you aren't going to find out." she says coldly. who the hell is her damn baby daddy.

"you were 13 when you got pregnant, right?" leo ask and sofia nods slowly.

"who were you fucking at 13?" i ask and right after i say it i regret it. sofia runs up the stairs and goes to her room. she slames the door as loudly as she can and we hear her lock it.

"what did you do to my mommy?" we both turn around at the tiny voice that is behind us. its sienna.

"we didn't do anything, mommy is just sad." i say as lightly as i can.

" she doesn't like to talk about sperm donor. stop asking her or she will be very mad" me and leo look at eachother and i nod. shes way to damn smart to be a 4 year old.

"you made my mommy sad, i hate you!" she says as she runs up the stairs and goes to sofias room. she was being nice a second ago now she hates us.this 4 year old is a teenager.

we both follow after her. we see sienna knocking "mommy its me, can you open please." just after she said that we see the door open and sienna walks inside.

sofias pov

"mommy its me, can you open please." i walk over to the door and open it. when sienna walks in i closed the door. "hi baby" i say and i give her a small smile.

"who's my real dad?" she asks. what the actual hell. i litterally wanna jump out the window. im sorry that i don't want to talk about my fucking rapist to my 4 year old daughter.

"we can talk about this later. its time for you to go to sleep!" she giggles and nods.

i pick her up and lay her on my bed. and i lay right next to her. she snuggles into my chest and i started singing, "onde nel fiume, bento sulla terra.." (waves in the river, wind on the land) i sang until i felt her breath slow down and become equal. and with that i closed my eyes and let the darkness consume me.

marcos pov

"onde nel fiume, bento sulla terra.." im not proud to admit this but i was eavesdropping. since all the walls are soundproof we were putting our ears against the door. when i heard sofia sing that song my heart broke a little. i made that song when we were little. i never expected for her to remember it, much less sing it to sienna. i look over at leo and he looks confused.

"i used to sing that song to her when we were little." i say and he nods.

"im going to sleep, im tired." i say and walk into my room. i flop onto my bed and let the darkness consume me.



word count :820 

so i was gonna make siennas dad devin but like i hate the name devin so no thanks.

btw i cannot right music at all so the 2 lines for the song was so hard for me💀

hey! ik i said i was gonna post on the may 8 but its 2 am on may 9 so yeah.. sorry! happy mothers day :)

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