Chapter 9

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Rapunzel's POV:

"Where is Cair Paravel?" Hiccup asked.

"Right at the island near the Eastern Ocean! Oh, how I'd love to go there!" Mrs. Beaver exclaimed.

Hiccup, Merida and I lost Jack to the White Witch as he left the Beaver's dam just awhile ago. "Cair Paravel. Oh the sight of it! The glistening seas beside it, and its shimmering fractals. It's where we will enthrone you...four?" Mr. Fox said. "I don't think I saw it awhile ago, but now I see that you aren't four. You came incomplete huh?" He said, disappointed. "We have another one with us, but he went to the White Witch's castle." Merida replied. "That's bad." Mr. Fox said. "With that, you cannot hold the prophecy, can you?" He asked and we three looked at each other. "We're hoping for the best." Hiccup said. "Optimistic, aren't you, King?" He said.

"I'm not a King."

"Yes you are, in just a matter of days, if you'd be able to uphold the prophecy you promised us."

Merida grunted. "We didn't promise anything! First off, I told ye people we should have never stayed here! And then yer curiosity built up on ye and ye just had to go, right?!?" Merida shouted, like she was pointing at me. "But, if we don't help them, wouldn't it make us guilty more so? Now I'm asking you, what gains more: guilt or fear?" I asked her, and she didn't respond so quickly. I know she's thinking it through. "I guess it's guilt." She said. "Yes! Exactly! Fear can be conquered, but guilt? It comes back, and you just have that moment to think like everything was supposed to be the right way. Guilt builds fear, and fear builds regrets. You got to stop it before it happens." I told her and she smiled.

"Ye know what? We got to go to Cair Paravel soon."

"That's the spirit! We gotta save these Narnians, because it's what we promised them."

Merida didn't seem to argue anymore. I'm glad. "Can we spend the night here?" I asked Mr. Fox. "As long as you'll set out early in the morning. I can't afford the police sniffing you back here." Mr. Fox said and we agreed. We slept there, on the ground and felt the chilly air. It was so cold, I don't even know if we'll freeze to death. Morning came, and the sun was bright, but it's not really hot. I dusted myself off from the snow. "Good morning." Hiccup greeted me. "We were just waiting for you. Come on." He said and I yawned. Mr. Fox was still sleeping, but I guess I shouldn't disturb him by saying goodbye. We immediately set out.

"Where would we go next?"

"Probably somewhere these crazy beavers take us."

Merida whispered to me. "We're not crazy! More or less, we're contributing a great price to Narnia's freedom!" Mrs. Beaver said. "Um, Aslan, who is he?" Hiccup asked so suddenly. "Aslan is the King of Narnia!" Mr. Beaver answered. "Oh, so the White Witch is the queen, and he's the King? I see, we're getting a love quarrel here." Merida said. "No, you're mistaken! Aslan owns the land. He is the true king. The White Witch, she's just butting in herself in the picture." Mrs. Beaver mockingly said. "Oh, then the White Witch, what's her true name? It's hard calling her just by 'White Witch' all the time." I asked. "No one knows, and dares to speak her name! Aslan is the only one who knows her name. Because she's lower ranking than he is. We all are." Mr. Beaver answered.

We stepped foot on ice. It's hard to tell if it'll break or not. "Is this safe?" Hiccup asked the two beavers. "Of course it is! This was a land frozen by the White Witch. It's not sea." Mr. Beaver said. "All of this, was green before her reign?" Merida asked. "Only this part up to the west valley. Oh, if you'd only seen it. But, don't worry! You will!" Mrs. Beaver said. "I don't think that's necessary." Hiccup said.

"Step on, it's quite alright."

"Well you know about this land. Maybe it's okay."

"It really is!" Mrs. Beaver exclaimed. "Hiccup, I'm starting to wonder if Jack's alright. I mean, it's worth worrying about anyway!" I said. "Don't worry Blondie. Jack's not someone you'll easily fight. He's actually a great guy." Merida said. I hope he is. "What was that?!" Hiccup shouted and we all paused. "What?!" Mr. Beaver asked. "Horses neighing! I hear them." Hiccup said. It was scaring all of us. "I can feel it! The White Witch quick! We must hurry to the forest!" Mr. Beaver said and we ran. "Come on!" Hiccup said hurrying up. 


"Ah! I-wait!"

I tried to catch up. With long blonde hair pulling me down with just a braid, I can't run fast. "Hurry!" Hiccup said, accompanying me and holding my hand to go fast. "Quicker!" Merida shouted. Finally we made it, and we hid in a rock pit. Everything became silent so it seemed pretty strange. "I'll go check." Mr. Beaver said a courageous thing. "Honey, no!" Mrs. Beaver disagreed in a whisper. "It's okay. I'll be back." He said. We all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

"A shadow. A big one. Shh."

"Oh no!"

We panicked for a while because Mr. Beaver didn't come back and there's a big shadow in front of us. "Hey!" I screamed because Mr. Beaver surprised us so suddenly. I didn't even think he'll be there! "You won't believe who's here to see you!" He said facing Hiccup, Merida and I. What could be there? We got out, I was last. And I just stood there in awe.

"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!"



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