Chapter 13

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***********Now i know this isn't the best chapter ever but it's more if a filler than anything so don't hate me lol :) has anyone had a look at the line-up for T in the Park yet?  I was supposed to be going to Rockness this year but now I've seen that i kinda want to go there more now lol and Rockness have only got who'd headlining up just now so i'm not sure :( anyways let me know if you're going to either :)) and don't forget to vote and comment :)**************************

“Hello?” I called into the empty house just to double check, before I dumped my bag and keys by the door and headed into the kitchen.

All this talking about ‘families’ earlier had got me in the mood to come and annoy the shit out of my mum and dad for the night. 

And after the day I’d had I could really do with just going home for a little while.  All afternoon I’d received either dagger looks from the prudish women or suggestive ones from the perverted men and it was starting to really piss me off. 

It’s just a fucking song people…get over it!  I ignored everyone and by the time 5pm rolled around I was practically sprinting out the office and into the waiting taxi on my way up here.

It looked like everyone was out - my parents were probably still at work, and I didn’t have a clue where my 19 year old brother had disappeared too, but the house was silent for a change.  I say a change, because I remember it being a freaking mad house growing up…I guess things had changed since I moved out.

Switching the kettle on, I grabbed a mug and started making myself a much needed cup of coffee then headed upstairs to my bedroom.  Yeah, I still call my old room mine, and yeah it’s still loaded with all my crap.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how old you are, your parents house is always your home. 

My room could really do with being decorated, it was still painted hot pink and cream with fashion pictures taped all over my wardrobe doors and pictures of me and my friends staring back at me held up with blue-tack on my mirror.

The bed was still here, covered in cushions that I kept meaning to take back to the flat but never got round to it.  Apart from the absence of most of my clothes and crap like straighteners and make-up, the room looked pretty much the same. 

Just as I was thinking that, I heard the front door open and slam shut shaking the whole house.  That’ll be my brother home then.

Walking back downstairs, I saw him storming through to the living-room pushing his hood from his black jumper down on the way.

“Hey,” I greeted, making him jump slightly and turn to scowl at me. 

“Fucks sake Emma,” Lucas huffed at me as I followed him in.

He collapsed on the sofa and grabbed the buttons, switching the telly to MTV and turning the volume up, before lighting up a cigarette and staring at me.

“What?” He snapped at me while I opened the window making me turn around.

“What?” I asked back - I mean I wasn’t even looking at his ugly mug.

“What are you here for?” he asked with venom while I sat on the sofa opposite him.

“I just missed my little baby brother that much I had to come see you.  What do you think?” I replied in no mood for his shit.

“You’re such a fucking loser,” my little freak of a brother hissed at me, stubbing his fag out in the ashtray.

“Like you’re one to speak you little shit,” I argued back.

“Piss off,” he hissed getting up and storming out of the room slamming the door behind him.

What the hell is with him these days?  My little baby brother is such a bad tempered little fuck face who needs a good smack in the face.  The whole ‘I’m a teenager’ excuse is away to run out soon so what’s he gonna say then? 

I know mum and dad like to think of him as their golden child and everything but even they’re coming around to my way of thinking nowadays and seeing him for the waster he is.

He doesn’t even have a job but he always seems to have money these days for his fucking fags so where the hell is that coming from?  The boy is always out his nut on something and he just pisses me off no end.

I changed the channel and stopped at a repeat of Snog Marry Avoid which was playing on BBC3 so ended up watching that while laughing my head off at the complete idiots who thought dressing up like a plastic Barbie wannabe at 28 years old is ‘cool’. 

Someone please just give them a slap and a reality check; wrinkles are not a good look - coupled with a pink mini skirt and pink top.  Ever heard of over-kill?  And seriously, if you’re gonna get your hair bleached at least get a professional to do it and don’t let the roots take over, that’s just plain pathetic.  Bottom line is, you look a state!

The door finally opened and my mum came in, shopping bags in hand.

“Hey mum,” I said as I walked through to the kitchen where she was heaving the Tesco bags onto the bunker.  I guess she’d picked up some messages on her way home.

She jumped when I spoke and quickly spun around guiltily with the tub of ice-cream still in her hand.  I nearly laughed at the look on her face - like I even care if she’s broken her stupid diet.

“Hey Emma, what are you doing here?” she asked, trying to shove the tub in the freezer without me seeing.

“Just thought I’d nip in; I’ve not seen you in ages,” I told her, jumping up onto the bunker and pulling out a packet of salt and vinegar crisps to eat, but didn’t get the chance to because my mum snatched them out if my hand and put them into the cupboard with a scowl.

How can I explain me and my mum?  Well, we never used to get on.  At all!  We used to fight constantly and it was pretty near to war between us.  Things only got better when I finally moved out and didn’t have to deal with her everyday.  Now we get on ok - we’re not exactly best friends or anything but we don’t tear chunks out of each other anymore and I’ve decided that she’s ok, well in small doses anyway.

“What do you need?” she asked suspiciously facing me.

“Nothing,” I snapped back truthfully.  “When the hell have I asked you for anything?”

She sighed, looking like she was gonna say something but the truth was she had nothing on me.  I was too stubborn to ask for her help and never had in my life.

“So how’s work?” my mum finally asked, pulling out some onions and proceeding to chop them into little bits.  Yeah, this was as good as our conversations got.

“It’s Fine,” I replied vaguely.  “Yours?”

“Ah just the usual,” she replied.  My mum worked as a high school Chemistry teacher, and even though I never went to her school I used to know a few people who did.  Let’s just say she was not one of the more popular teachers, but then she shouldn’t act like such a bitch to her pupils should she?

I never bothered to answer her as the door opened again and my dad strolled into the kitchen setting his suitcase on the table before realising I was here.

“Hey Trouble, when’d you get here?” he asked me with a smirk.

I don’t even know why my dad calls me ‘monster’ all the time - I’m a little angel me.

“Just a wee while ago,” I answered with a shrug.

“What have you done now?” he asked his voice taking on a playful tone.

“Nothing,” I responded.

“You burnt your flat down didn’t you?” he joked.


“Got yourself fired?” he asked.


“Ok who’d ya kill and what did they do to you?”

“Get real,” I laughed at him.  Do I look like a murderer?  Ok, so there’s maybe a fair few people that I wouldn’t exactly miss but come on, I’m not that bad.

He rolled his eyes leaving the kitchen with a grin, and a minute later I could hear his footsteps on the stairs.  My dad is one of the only people in my family that I can actually stand.  He’s really tall, with dark hair and blue eyes in contrast to my small, fake blonde haired mum.

“Are you staying for tea?” my mum asked me as she threw the diced onions into a pan.

“Nah I better not,” I responded jumping off the counter.  It’s common knowledge that my mum can’t cook to save herself so honestly I would use any excuse possible to wheedle my way out of it.

“Is your brother in?” she asked me, obviously wanting to know how many people she needed to poison tonight.

“Yeah he stormed off to his room earlier,” I replied as I walked through to the hall and grabbed my bag.

“Daaad,” I yelled upstairs.

“Yeah,” I heard him shout back.

“Can you do me a massive favour and I will love you forever?” I asked him.

“What?” he asked slowly as he came to the top of the stairs.

“Want to give me a lift home?” I pleaded.  I might not ask my mum for anything, but my dad’s a different story.

“You going so soon?” he questioned.

“Yeah I’ve got stuff I need to do, I just dropped in to say hi,” I replied.

He sighed for a moment and I honestly thought he was gonna say no, before he muttered, “Well hurry up then.”

“Thank you dad,” I said gratefully.  “Bye mum, bye asshole.”

“Bye,” my mum shouted from the kitchen as I opened the front door. 

My dear little brother didn’t even bother to reply though, what a prick.  That’s the last time I say bye to him. 

My dad dropped me off at my flat a little over five minutes later and I rushed inside to escape the torrential freaking rain that seems a never ending feat for Dundee.  When I got in bright little me had managed to leave nearly all the lights on this morning when I got ready for work in my almost comatose state.  Well done Emma, way to keep your bills down.

I changed into sweets and a t-shirt, before ordering a chicken curry in and putting a film on.  Chill out night for boring little Emma it is then.


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