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Greta woke up to painful yelps coming from across the room. Her head shot up from where it lay on the floor and she changed back into her regular self as she mad her way across the shack, grabbing the the bundle of Remus' clothes that Sirius, who was still fast asleep in his animagus form, was using as a pillow. She passed James who was beginning to stir and wake as well as Peter who was sleeping on James' back. Greta laughed to herself at the image of a rat sleeping on a stags back, something not many people have ever seen.

She finally approached Remus who was laying on the floor half wrapped in a ratty looking blanket, one arm draped over his eyes. Greta scanned over his exposed chest and arms, counting the new scars, only seven that she could spot, not too deep, but she still felt sick to her stomach. 

"Hey Rem?"

"Hm." he responded not moving from his position.

"Heres your clothes, we're gonna get going before Poppy gets here, I'll visit you later on."

She bent down and placed the clothes next to him, a she stood up, Remus muttered an almost inaudible "thank you" which only caused Gretas stomach to sink. Although she saw her best friend this weak every month, it never got easier for her, or any of the marauders.

She walked back over to where James and Peter stood over a now human Sirius, who was laying on the floor groaning.

"This floor will be the death of my back." 

"Cmon Pads, up ya get." James said extending his hand to the drama queen.

"Poppy'll be here soon." Peter added.

Sirius took James' hand, his back cracking as he was pulled up.

"Merlin Padfoot youre not aging well." Greta joked.

Sirius whacked the back of her head as she, James and Peter laughed, heading to the exit of the shack.

"Alright everyone under." James said holding the cloak above his head. 

The four made their way down the tunnel, up the yard, through the corridors and back to Gryffindor Tower, just as the sun began to peak over the horizon.

"See you in a couple hours." Greta saluted as she head to the girls dorm room,  James and Sirius groaning in response, Peter saluting back.

Greta slowly opened the door to her room, hoping she wouldnt wake the other girls who were sleeping inside. She turned to carefully close the door behind her when a hand stopped it from the other side.

"Iris?" Greta whispered

"W-what are you doing up so early?" she asked as she entered the room.

"I fell asleep in the boys dorm." she lied, "are you just getting back from the mystery guys room?" Greta smirked, plopping down next to Iris on her bed.

Iris smiled and nodded.

"You HAVE to tell me who he is!"

"Nobody will ever know." 

"Come on! Just tell me! Is it the beater with the blonde hair on the Hufflepuff quidditch team? Blink twice if yes."

"Its not. You'll never guess anyways so dont waste youre breath."

"I'll find out someday." Greta said making her way to the bathroom, "and thats a promise."

Iris laughed quietly as Greta shut the door, turning on the shower before heading down to the hospital wing.

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