Chapter 5

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*Troye’s POV*

            I woke up with the heaviest weight in the back of my head. I winced at the bruise on my forehead as I shifted my head. I don’t remember that much out of yesterday. The only thing I remembered was when we got in and started dancing. I met Tyler’s friends and after that, danced with Tilly. Then we went to the bar and got a few drinks. I remembered getting tipsy, and Mamrie was telling us to kiss and after that I-

            Oh shit.

            My eyes shot up open at the sudden reminiscence. I started forcing myself to be convinced that the memory was just my imagination. It’s just a dream, Troye. It didn’t really happen, I think. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to kiss Tyler, I did, but I just didn’t think it would happen 2 days after meeting him. Fuck, what if this ruins our friendship? I can’t afford to lose someone like him. I squinted my eyes at the sunlight and shifted myself, facing the opposite way of it. I came to realize the absence of one Tyler Oakley. I started to worry about where he was, and why he wasn’t there. Did I freak him out?

            Moments later, I looked up to see a Tyler Oakley bringing a tray of food. He surprisingly had the biggest grin on his face. I couldn’t help but smile at him.

            “Morning princess,” he said, cheerfully. He placed the tray of food on the table and sat beside me. He ran a hand through my hair, and gave me a warm smile.

            “Morning Tilly,” I smiled.

            I opened my eyes at him and there he was, beautiful as usual. But something was different this time. He was brighter, softer, and perfect. Maybe it was the sunlight beaming at his face, or maybe it was just my obvious hangover. He picked up the tray and placed it on the bed. He helped me sit up and I dropped my head down, lacking the strength to hold the heavy weight on it.  On the tray was a huge plate of bacon, waffles, a glass of milk, and Nutella.

            “Bacon helps hangovers,” he pointed out.

            “Ty! You didn’t have to, really,” I said, truthfully.

            He smiled, “Just eat it, Troye Sivan.”

            I did as he told to, offering him some of the food. He rejected and helped me cut the waffles. I indulged the food quickly and finished it quickly. Once I was done, I instantly felt better and my mind made the stupid decision of reminding me about last night. I felt awkward, and a part of me hoped that he didn’t remember. Another part of me wanted him to remember, so we could talk about it. Without thinking, I brought it up.

            “So, I didn’t remember much from yesterday,” I pointed out, “What happened?”

            His smiled faded into a face of sudden realization. His mouth open agape, and he looked away. He didn’t speak for a while, until I said his name again. He turned his head at me, and forced an obviously fake smile.

            “What did you remember?” he asked.

            Oh God, I didn’t want to mention the kiss, but I had to. If I didn’t, I would never get to clear things up with him. I decided to dodge his question and answer him with another question, “Wait, you remember everything?”

            He shrugged his shoulders, “I decided I wouldn’t get drunk that night because I wanted to remember drunk Troye and how adorable and sexy he was.”

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