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IT CAN'T BE who I think she's talking about

"like the second best hacker and third best street fighter in underground history diablo?" I ask her in confusion chase if she is I don't even know

"yes" she simply stated showing me her tattoo

Now let me explain all assassin's get a special tattoo/symbol of their choice and only they can have it meaning no other tattoo artist can do it and if you do it by yourself you would be on that assassin's hit list

Then her head hung low the bold Athena I know slowly letting her self be vulnerable

And I'm glad she feels like she can let her walls down around me

"I guess you want nothing to do with me now"

Shit I forgot to say something

"No, no, no were friends and just because your in the underworld doesn't mean I mean we're gonna stop you're my best friend Athena and you could tell me anything without me judging you if it makes you feel any better you're not the only one"

"I've never had a best friend before neither have I had friends" she said by this time her head was laying on my lap and I was running my hands through her hair

"me neither" "trust issues really bite you in the ass don't they" I continued while she just nodded

We just lay there in silence none of us even attempting to say anything

"Wanna do shots" she asks out of no where

"maybe later" I say almost instantly cause If I'm being honest I really needed it

"wait first you said something about not being the only one"

Well shit

"that's because you're not"


Taking a deep breath I decided to just say the important parts

"I'm the assassin night devil and the gang leader of devil reapers" I simply stated

(I don't remember if I have her gang a name)

"cool" she said and that had me in shock

She just found out that her best friends is the leader of the highest ranked gang in the world and the best assassin again in the world and she's not fazed

"what do you mean cool" cause to say I was shocked would be an understatement

"Do you want me to go OMG OMG OMG I HATE YOU YOU'RE ONE OF THE ASSASSINS THAT ARE BETTER THAN ME like no it's cool I don't know if you've checked but we have a mission together with another assassin in a few months I got the message today" okay what

"wait wh-" I was cut of by the sound of my assassin phone notification

"read it out" she knows it's my assassin phone cause we all have the same notification sound

"okay it reads...

Night Devil your going on a mission with Diablo and Silent Killer

This mission is for sex trafficking and a bunch of girls a going to be auctioned if needed you can get help you all need to figure out the details only in person and only the last time can you see each other's faces

Good luck

"Still up for shot" I ask her

"𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚋𝚎𝚝"


I've been rewriting this chapter to many times for my liking so I hope you like it

And if you guest it I didn't reread

And if you guest it I didn't reread

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