L.O.V 2

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Deku POV:

I wakeup with bakugou on my chest still sleeping I smile a little. I must admit he does look cute like this. He groans softly meaning hes about to wakeup I sit up so hes on my lap he looks up

"Goodmorning" I say with a sad smile, I'm glad we are together and hes relaying on me again but I still dont like we are being babied by villains I mean even if we escape how are we gonna face them in a fight after this.

"Morning zuku..." he said my old nickname meaning hes scared

"We are gonna be ok at least we are together" I say he looks me in the eyes and nods the door nob opens slowly and in comes shigaraki I pull kacchan closer and glare at him

"Aw did appa interrupt his boys cuddling" he says in a baby voice and he picks bakugou up from my arms and unzips it and sticks two fingers in the front of the diaper to see if he used it. Kacchan looks like a tomato

"You'll have to go at some point little one! Now lets get you into a comfy outfit" he says I follow him to make sure he doesn't hurt him, he lays kacchan on the changing table and undresses him bakugou is still a blushing mess. He blows raspberries on his tummy making him giggle I smile at that

He looks happier here...

"Haha s-stop!" Kacchan giggles as shiggy tickles him more and then changes him into a clip on onesie that clips at the crouch and shorts

"Aw you look just the cutest!" Shiggy says picking him back up

Shigaraki is being nice- I think they really do want a kid and this honestly could be good for kacchan he hasn't had the best family..

"Let's go meet daddy downstairs for a movie hmm?" Shigaraki says and take my hand and we all walk downstairs

Idk but I kinda like it here.. with them but mostly with kacchan he is like my baby brother

"There are my boys!!!" Dabi says with excitement and shigaraki sets bakugou on dabi's lap and me next to him and then he sits next to me

"Now what should we watch Cinderella or Mulan?" Shigaraki asks

"Mulan!" Bakugou says a little too loud

"Inside voices bubs" dabi says he nods softly

"Mulan" I say and shigaraki smiles and ruffles my hair then puts on Mulan

Bakugou watched the movie with amazement

Soon the movie ended and it was getting late

"Amazing choice little one!" Dabi says picking bakugou up and spinning him, Bakugou giggles

I'd do anything for him even if I have to stay here with villains dressed as a toddler.

"Ok let's get you boys to bed!" Dabi says they both get us ready and change us into pjs

"Can I sleep with deku?" Bakugou asks with puppy dog eyes shigaraki and dabi coo and nod

"But deku is a mean word katsu so maybe give him a new nickname huh?" Shiggy says bakugou thinks

"Izu!" He says and shigaraki sets him next to me in bed

"Perfect" he says and kisses us goodnight they both leave

"Kacchan.. I think you should let go and let them take care of you" I say he looks at me confused

"What?" bakugou says cuddling into my chest I wrap my arms around him

"What do you mean izu?" He asks me innocently

"I mean be their baby... your happy here and I'll be right here beside you" I say petting his head

"Ok izu as long as your here" he says and dozes off

"Goodnight bubs.." I say and kiss his head goodnight

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