19 - Accidents

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Luke (Age 2):

Luke had to bring you to a photo shoot with him today because no one was around to watch you. You had recently started potty training and you were doing quite well... Until today that is.

You were sitting in the green room playing with Luke's phone while he was taking pictures. But then you felt it, you knew you had to go to the bathroom. You got up from your spot and ran down many hallways, looking for Luke.

After a while, you were lost. You sat down in defeat and cried, knowing what was coming next. You felt your pants get wet and you knew that Luke would be very mad at you for something like this.

A little while later, you heard people calling your name. You just continued to cry, you didn't really want them to find you because of what you did. But then you saw a pair of large feet in front of you and felt some big hands pick you up. "Y/N! We've been looking all over for you! Luke was so worried, sweets. Why were you crying?" You looked at Ashton and mumbled, "No potty, Ashy. Lukey no like me no more." Ashton sighed and kissed your head, taking you to where your brother was. "Y/N," Luke shouted, "babe, what's wrong?" "I think she had a little accident," Ashton said, making you cry harder than before. "It's okay, babe, I understand. You were looking for me, right?" You nodded at your older brother. "You're not in trouble, okay? Let's just get you home and changed. Lukey still loves you and I'm proud of you for trying!"

Michael (Age 3):

You were at a party at Ashton's mom's house and you didn't really know where anything was. You spent the night basically attached to one of the boys, and right now, it was Michael.

You felt the urge so you tapped Michael's shoulder. "Hold on, Y/N," he said, trying to finish his conversation. Suddenly, it got so bad that you were bouncing in Michael's arms. "Y/N! What's gotten into you?!" "Potty, Mikey!" He sighed and excused himself from his conversation, taking you to the bathroom.

He set you down and held your hand, but you didn't make it in time. You started going in the middle of the party. You felt so ashamed that you ran away in your soiled underwear.

Michael found you and said, "Y/N, you're okay, babes. I'm sorry I didn't get you to the potty sooner. Mikey's sorry. Do you want some dry clothes?" "Sorry, Mikey. Me baby. Me no make it." "You're okay. It happens! Let's get you changed," he said, picking you up again and taking you to Ashton's room. Soon enough, you were changed and enjoying the party with your older brother.

Calum (Age 2):

Calum brought you along to a band hangout and you were so happy! You loved the boys so much and they took very well to you, too. You were playing tag in the backyard with Luke and you were having so much fun that you didn't realize you had wet yourself.

You looked down and felt really ashamed and started to cry. Luke, not knowing what happened to you, rushed over and through sobs, you explained what happened. "Let's take you to Cal," Luke said, picking you up. "NO," you screeched, trying to fight your way out of his arms. He stopped and set you in front of him and asked, "What's wrong, Y/N?" "No tell Cal! He yell 'cause I bad girl!" "Y/N, I promise you, he won't yell. It was just an accident!" You sighed and nodded, letting the tall man pick you up and take you to your brother.

Luke took you over to Calum and you stayed silent. "Are you okay, Y/N?" "Am I bad girl?" Calum's face softened. "No, sweets. It was an accident, you didn't mean to! It's okay. I love you." "Love you, too, Cal," you smiled. Soon, you were back at it in dry clothes.

Ashton (Age 3):

You were out shopping with Ashton, on the hunt for a gift for a birthday party you had tomorrow. You were in Toys 'R' Us looking around when you tugged on Ashton's shirt, telling him you had to potty.

He immediately tried to find a bathroom, but he didn't find one in time and you wet yourself in the middle of the store. You began to sob as Ashton picked you up and carried you to the bathroom to get changed.

"Sorry, Ashy. Me no make it," you sobbed into his shirt. "You're okay, Y/N. Ashy didn't find a bathroom in time. We'll just get you in some dry clothes and you'll feel better in no time!" You smiled at your older brother and got cleaned up before finding the perfect gift.

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