Next morning

“(y/n)? You got a mail?” said Jack downstairs “I think it’s from your parents?” holding the letters

“Ok I'm coming?” you said upstairs and rapidly get down from your room “Thank you!” you said then open the letter and after you read

“So what it said?” asked Jack then you just look at Jack “Why what’s wrong?” he asked

“I’m... I’m... I’m happy because I got a job already in New York!” you said and hugged him

“Oh... Yeahy! Congrats!” said Jack happily and become sad

“Why?” you asked

“Huh? No... I’m just sad because you’ll be far away from me again” said Jack

“Lol! I’ll be back again Jack... It’s just 5 months of work there, then I’ll be back! I'll be home again!” you said

“Neh? Never mind me... Let’s celebrate?!” said Jack and someone push the door bell again “Oh! I’ll go get it... Maybe it’s Lottie again...” he said.

When he opens the door,

“Elly?!” said Jack

“Hi?! Is (y/n) in there?” as she step inside of the door

“Oh? Elly? What are you doing here? How’s Louis? Who’s taking care of him today?” you asked

“Oh? Don’t worry about him, his friends are there with him... and oh?” getting something on her bag

“Louis said that I’ll give you this to you and to Jack” said Elly, and it's a free VIP ticket for their concert that will be held on New York soon.

“He’ll expecting that your presence will be there...” Elly smiled and left

“Where are you going?” you asked

“To work (y/n)... B-Bye” she said and drove away.

When she left you just look at Jack,

“What?” he laughed

“I think I’ll be with you?” he said

“Ha ha ha... Tha’s not my problem?” and gave him the other ticket

“Well... At least if you live you’ll see Louis once again?” said Jack

“Or?... maybe not?” you said. *Fade's out*

...After 5 months...

It’s been months that you and Louis didn’t see each other after you left for work. Then, Elly warning him to avoid you, never meet each other or even talk to each other. And Jack was starting to court you because he’s getting serious about you without the presence of Louis. Since you still rejects him, he never stop on what he’s doing and still helping you.

“Live concert One Direction in New York” posted on the walls and billboards,

“Hmmm... The time came?” you said after your final day on your job

“(y/n)?! (y/n)?!” someone’s calling you and you look around and take your shades off “Jack?” you said

“Hey! I’ve just arrive this earlier with Liam and his band and I saw Louis with Elly too...” Jack said catching his breath

“So where they are today?” you asked

“There? They’re staying, on 3rd floor” Jack said pointing on the building where you live

"Wonder Wall" (The Person you thinking about) ~ Louis Tomlinson ImagineRead this story for FREE!