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Dabi- 6'10

Shiggy- 6'6

Bakugou- 4'9

Deku- 5'6

(Shigaraki wears cloves so his work doesn't activate)

Dabi POV:

"Pleaseeeeee" shigaraki whines on my lap as I try and sleep since its 3 fucking AM

Shigaraki has been complaining and whining all day about having a little

"Ugh we can't just kidnap a UA kid and make them our little." I tell him

"Please Babe I want a little! And toga did, she has ururaka as her little!" He whines I sigh

"Fine we can get a little" I say knowing he wasn't gonna let it go

"Yayyyy" he squeals

"Who are you thinking about?" I ask

"Remember that kid we kidnapped with the blonde hair?" He asks

"The loud blonde kid?" I ask he nods his head existed

"And the green haired one that breaks his bones!" He says


"Yes I want a baby and a toddler!" Shiggy says with puppy dog eyes

"Fine." I say too tired to even argue on this

"Yay I'm think deku will be 3-6 and bakugou will be 0-1 awwww they are gonna be the cutest!" Shiggy says I chuckle

"They will be..." I say thinking about it

"Tomorrow I'll get the house ready and their room set up! And you can go fetch our little ones!" He says I roll my eyes jokingly

"Ofc I do the hard work" I say he giggles and kisses my lips and falls asleep on my chest

Tomorrow will be a long day.

Shigaraki POV:

Ahhhh today is the day! I wake dabi up and we both get ready

"Okay I'll get the stuff and I'll text you when I finish decorating and having everything ready then you can bring our boys home!" I say excited and hurry out the door

Dabi POV:

Welp time to go get them- I say ot like it's easy I sigh

I had my friend teleport me in the building its Saturday so everyone is in the dorms.

I climb in dekus dorm through his window and quickly hide

Fuck hes awake-

I slowly move out of the hiding space as he faces the other way I hurry and put a cloth over his face

"Hey-mMhMmhm"  he slowly passes out I whisper nice words into his ears, he struggles to get out of my grip and then falls limp

I pick him up on my hip, he lays his head on my shoulde. I slowly open his door, I check and see no one is the hall way i hurry and make my way to bakugous dorm and open his door. I hurry inside and see hes asleep on his bed cuddled with a bunny plushie I try bot to coo and wake him up I walk over and easily lift him on my other hip.

Jeez this kid is light- he grips my shirt with his small hand and nuzzles into chest I aw for a moment before getting a text from shiggy

Baby💗- I got the stuff all ready for them:)

Me- good job we'll be home soon

A portal opens up infront of us and I quickly hop through and boom I'm back in our living room with our two boys safe and sound. Shiggy must have heard us cause he came running I signal him to be quiet he nods and takes bakugou onto his hip. He really looks like a baby compared to me and shiggy.

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