Chapter 7

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             "Kids go to bed now it's late already" Bryle and Khylie reminded the kids before they went to their own room and sleep too. "Hey, hon how was the check up?" Bryle said while he was fixing the bed. "Uhmm, it was... it was... it was just an asthma attack, yeah an asthma attack!" Khylie exclaimed, "Okay?" Bryle said, "But are you really sure that it was just an asthma attack?" Bryle said feeling not so sure about Khylie's answer, "Ye..yeah" Khylie said, "Then why did you have to stay long in the hospital?" Bryle asked, "The doctor said it wasn't clear that's why" Khylie lied, "Okay then I believe you, let's go to sleep" Bryle said and they went to the bed, Khylie slept feeling sad because of her, lying to Bryle.



                "Hey, hon wake up it's 6 already" Khylie said before going down to cook breakfast, "Okay" Bryle said in reply. She went down to the kitchen and took some eggs and ham so she could cook scrambled eggs with ham. After frying the scrambled eggs, Khylie took some Bread and butter, then she spread the butter to the bread so she could make toast breads, "Hey, hon good morning" Bryle greeted and hug Khylie from the beind, "Good morning, sit down already this will be done ready" Khylie said and continued what she was doing, so Bryle went back to dining area.

            Khylie went back to the dining area holding the food that she cooked a while ago, "Breakfast's ready!" Khylie exclaimed, "Wait hon I'll just wake up the kids" Khylie said and went upstairs. "Hey Khyle, Shylie wake up breakfast's ready" Khylie said as she enter the room of the two kids, "Okay Mom!" Khyle answered and Khylie left the room.

             "So?" Bryle asked, "Khyle said they will be going down soon, they'll just fix theirselves" Khylie explained, "Okay, but hon can I eat now?" Bryle asked which made Khylie chuckled "Of course you can eat now" Khylie said, "Yehey!!!" Bryle exclaimed and took some scrambled eggs and toast bread. After some few minutes the kids went down and ate their breakfast.

          "I'm done, honey I'll be going now" Bryle said and stood up from his chair, "Okay, oh wait!" Khylie said, "Yes?" Bryle said "Are you having dinner here?" Khylie asked as she wipe her chin "Maybe no? 'cause you now that I have a lot of paper works to finish" Bryle answered, "Okay" Khylie said with a small smile, and Bryle left.


         "Khyle, Shylie I'll be going now" Khylie said before she left to go to her Flower shop, "Bye Mom" Khyle and Shylie said in unison. "Good Morning Ma'am Khylie" the workers of the flower shop greeted as she enters the shop, "Good morning everyone, and Josephine too my office now" Khylie said to her secretary before going to her office.

       "Yes Ma'am?" Josephine asked as she enters Khylie's office, "Are the flowers delivered just in time for Mr. Cruz nephew's birth day party started?" Khylie asked, Mr. Cruz is one of Khylie's college friend, "Yes Ma'am we delivered it 30 minutes before the party started" Josephine answered, "Okay, and Josephine can you make me a cup of coffe" Khylie said, "Okay Ma'am I'll be right back" Josephine said before she left. After few minutes Josephine was back "Here you go Ma'am" Josephine said, "Just leave it there" Khylie said pointing to her side table, so Josephine did what her boss told her.

        While she was reading some of the records of the flower shop, her phone rang when she looked at the caller's ID it was Sophia who called her so she answered it, "Khylie! You wont believe what just happened" Sophia exclaimed in the phone "what happened then?" Khylie asked "John proposed to me just this morning" Sophia said really excited, "Really? How?" Khylie asked feeling really excited too, "When I woke up this morning I saw a ring in my ring finger, then when I went down John was holding a boquet of red and white roses and then there was a breakfast ready for us then, then he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes' Sophia exclaimed in the phone, "Beshie I'm really happy for you" Khylie said in the phone, "Thankies best, but I have to hang up now me and John were going over to my parent's place" Sophia said, "Oh wait beshie can I tell Alliah about this?" Khylie asked, "Sure!" Sophia said before she hang up the phone

        After Sophia hanged up Khylie immiediately called Alliah to inform her, "Hey Khylie why'd you call" Alliah asked after answering her phone, "Sophia's engaged!!!" Khylie exclaimed, "That's great for her" Alliah said in sad tone, "Hey Alliah aren't you happy that Sophia's engaged?" Khylie asked after noticing that Alliah was sad, "Nope in fact I'm really happy for her that she found her dream man" Alliah said, "Then why are you sad?' Khylie asked, "Khylie can we talk?" Alliah said, "Yeah sure you can come over here at the shop if your free" Khylie said, "Okay 'll be there in an hour" Alliah said and hanged up the phone.



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