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Alessia pov

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Alessia pov

I woke up with bubby hugging me like a teddy bear.

I tried to wiggle out but he just hugged me more tightly.

If anyone saw me they will probably think of me as dying cockroach.


"Bubbyyyyy" I whined.

"Yes baby" he wispered sleepily.

His face was in the crook of my neck so when he talked it tickled.

I giggled.

He gave me a smile and got up.

He kissed my forehead.

"Let's go baby it's time for dinner."

"Ok bubby let me change please"

I kissed his cheek and ran to the bathroom.

I wore ace's t shirt which is very very very very big on me.

And it is like I am drowning in it.

One thing to say, I like ace's clothes more than mine.

I went outside and saw ace on phone.

He saw me and kept his phone aside.

"Let's go baby. Your little tummy is probably growling of hunger".ace said playfully.

"Hey my tummy is not little" I said offended.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."

We reached the dining room and sat down on empty chairs which are beside each other.

Everyone was staring at us.

"Hi" I waved shyly.

"Aww you look so cute in ace's tshirt"
Elijah said.

"T-thank you" I said my ears turning pink.

I noticed that there is one more girl sitting here.

"Hi my name is Alessia. What's your name"

She rolled her eyes

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