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471 – Defeating the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion"Quick! Activate the barrier!"

"Hurry up and activate the barrier!"


Cries of alarm sounded on the gale-class battleship.

Magic light shone above the gale-class warship. The remaining four Warlock towers lit up with light, and azure magic light entered the sea, drew away a copious amount of sea water, and turned the water into pure water elemental particles, forming a giant blue shield 10 meters thick.

After seeing this scene, the Warlock towers above the surrounding 10 taishan-class merchant ships also lit up with light, and magic light extended from them and fused with the blue shield.

Suddenly, the blue shield blurred slightly, then a tremor ran through it, and it crumbled little by little and eventually collapsed completely.

Boom!! Along with a loud blare, a six-story-tall Warlock tower aboard the gale-class merchant ship exploded. The entire ship shook violently, and a huge hole suddenly appeared on the ship.

The light on the remaining four Warlock towers of the gale-class merchant ship dimmed, flickered unstably for a moment, and then extinguished.

Once the gale-class merchant ship's five Warlock towers combined and exerted their full strength, they could even compete against Glorious Dawn Warlocks. However, this large array was also very fragile. Once one Warlock tower was destroyed, the remaining four Warlock towers would become useless.

After the mechanical ancient devil destroyed the Warlock tower, it blurred into motion and shot out into the open.

The other four Warlock towers shone with light, and the Warlocks of the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion fled in different directions like shooting stars.

Without the power of the large array, and with the sole Moonlight Warlock seriously injured, these Warlocks of the Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion lost all fighting spirit and chose to escape.

The 10 taishan-class merchant ships turned into streaks of light and sped away. Without the protection of the gale-class merchant ship, the taishan-class merchant ships couldn't compete with Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses. They would be sitting ducks if they stayed here.

In the sky, starry sky rippers suddenly emerged, formed a steel flood that covered the sky, and rushed towards the ten taishan-class merchant ships.

When the hundreds of thousands of starry sky rippers appeared, they immediately surrounded and attacked the Warlocks of the Sea Dragon immortal Pavilion.

Facing the starry sky rippers, the Warlocks of Sea Dragon Immortal Pavilion cast various spells barreling towards the starry sky rippers in the sky.

Under the frenzied attack of the Warlocks, one starry sky ripper after another were crushed and dropped from the sky.

However, the starry sky rippers were just too fast. In their wake, Great Warlock rand experts and below were chopped into countless fragments and scattered on the sea.

Radiating demonic light, the mechanical ancient devil flittered across the battlefield and sneak attacked Starry Sky Warlocks. With its advanced Moonlight Warlock rank strength, it easily disposed of the Starry Sky Warlocks entangled with the starry sky rippers.

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