Chapter 10:

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"Hello everyone! My name is Yu Ying Yue, I just transferred here from an all-girls school in England, so I hope we can all get along well and become friends." I say, smiling widely at the class.

The students all clapped, smiling back at me.

"Okay, does anyone have any questions for her before we start class?" The teacher starts.

At this, a bunch of hands went up in the air. The teacher pointed to a boy in the front seat, who stood up to speak.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asks. A bunch of other male students jump as well, all wanting to know the answer to this.

I feel my face turn red, not used to having the attention of many boys.

"Yeah, you boys. Don't ask her such things on her first day! Next question." The teacher says, now pointing to a group of girls at the front of the class.

I smile, hoping they don't ask me anything embarrassing.

"Why did you leave England to come here?" The girl asks.

I smile at this, before looking to the back corner. I looked to the ground before looking up once more. I sigh before once again smiling.

"I came back to China so that I could finish off high school with my best friend. I left him a few years ago and now that I'm back, I won't let him go." I say, smiling at Siyang.

I could see a small smile on his face as he watched me.

The girls all made aweing noises, hearing what I had said. I could hear everyone muttering, wondering who I was talking about.

"Your friend goes to this school? Are they in this class?" The teachers ask, looking around curiously to see who it could be. The rest of the class began looking around as well. All wanting to know who it was.

Instead of answering, I walk down the aisle and stop in front of Siyang's desk. There was an empty desk beside him so I took off my bag, placing it onto the chair.

"I'd like to sit next to Siyang, if that's alright," I say to the teacher.

At this, the whole class burst into conversations. A lot of students were surprised and shocked that I had been talking about Siyang. Mu Siyang, captain of the school's tennis team. Mu Siyang, the quiet, straight-faced boy who didn't take interest in many things outside of tennis.

It took the teacher a few minutes to get the class to quiet down. The students were so excited about the new information they had obtained. While others, like the boys, had voiced their jealousy over Siyang being friends with the 'new pretty student'.

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