Chapter 4 (Part 2)

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Hello once again! Enjoy

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Hello once again! Enjoy. ✋😭 (Innoproiate actions will be in this chapter)

I quickly pull on some pants and a T-shirt. After I brush my hair and teeth. Sasuke enters the room not long after. "Hey babe." Do they call each other babe and stuff? This is the first time he's done it sense I got here. "Hey." 
Sasuke starts striping "I was thinking we could do it tonight sense we haven't done it in a while." He puts on shirt and pants. What he wants to have sex? No, no I've never done it with a man. This is bad he'll be able to tell. What do I tell him? Should I just go along with it? Maybe he'll take over or something. Shit. "Sure babe." I notice Sasuke looking down at my pants and then I realise, I was hard. Ehh? How did this happen? I'm happily married to Hinata in my world but I got ard talking about having sex with Sasuke?!

"Naruto. Do you need help with that?" My face goes red. Damn Sasuke, now I feel embarrassed. "Kids your dad will be out in ten minutes!" I gulp at the thought of doing something sexual with Sasuke.

Whatever I mean this isn't the end of the world, right? Sasuke moves closer to me and bends down in front of me. Are we just going to do it in the middle of the room. Shit this is actually happening. He slowly pulls down my pants till my hard member (I don't know I saw someone else call it that so- you get the point? ) is shown. Sasuke slowing starts stroking it an licks the tip. I try an hold in a moan but it doesn't work. Sasuke hears it and looks up at me while he does his thing. I notice that his hair is getting in the way. I lean down a bit and move his hair out of his face. He pauses for a moment and continues, but now be uses tongue. I flinch at the gentle touch of his tongue. I dose off as he sucks on my member. This is the first time I've seen the rinnegan sense...
It's just been a while.

Sasuke suddenly stops and I realize I had cumed on his face. I quickly pull up my pants an bend down so I'm face to face with Sasuke. "Sorry Sasuke." He laughs at my apology. "It's fine Naruto, just get me a towel."Okay." I run into the bathroom and grab him a towel. "Non got in your eyes right?" I say as I walk back to him. "No I'm fine Naruto."
"Okay okay." I slowly wipe the cum off his face trying not to get any in his eye.

When I'm done wiping his face I throw the towel aside. "Hey Sasuke?"
"Don't we have dinner with Sakura at five was it?"
"Your right, we can ask Hinata to watch them."
"Do you want me to message her or do you want to Sasuke?"
"Ehh I'll do it, go train with the kids."
"Right, we'll be back by four." I start running out of the room. "See you later babe, love you!" Sasuke yells to me. "Love you too!" I hesitate to yell back to him. I wish I didn't have to lie to him like that.

"Menma, Boruto let's go!" Me and the kids run out of the house. Damn these kids are fast, but of course not even close to how fast I am. Should I pick up the speed? Nah. We finally reach a clear spot in the forest and stop running. "Amazing speed guys."
They both smile "Thanks dad."

Small break ✋🙄

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