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by dictionary the definition of the word 'nerd' is: 'a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.'

in my dictionary a nerd is just someone who tends to be a bit smarter then other people. most people think that nerds love school and they wear glasses and honestly sometimes that is the case. I don't wear glasses yet I am still called a nerd.

at my old school everyone knew everyone, it was a tiny town on the coast of Florida. everyone was nice and fun to be around so I was hoping the same for my new school. I'm kind of nervous though because apparently people in Massachusetts are supposedly mean. I read that somewhere.

my father got a really good job opportunity here for some new company so that's why we moved. my father is a lawyer and my mother is a therapist, they both found jobs here and hauled me away from all of my friends. my three friends. kind of friends? I think..

I start my knew school Monday and I hope that it's fun and everyone is nice but I highly doubt it. this school is in the city and everyone knows people in the city are mean but I'd hate to stereotype. the one thing I like about Massachusetts is that Harvard is here, I want to go to Harvard so badly.

this is my senior year actually, it is the middle of October so hopefully nobody notices I'm new here. I don't want to cause a scene or anything. I really hope to get into Harvard, I have a 4.6 GPA since I have advanced classes and stuff so hopefully that will be good enough to get it. but I do lack athletic skills so I hope they don't see that.

my father used to be in the military so they pay for my tuition which is freaking amazing! the only problem is I am worried about getting in and my college essay. I wonder when they're due for this school.

I really hope that school goes well because if it doesn't it could mess up a lot of things for me. my mom always tells me I need to have fun for once and I need to live my life, my dad says the same thing and he always tells me to bring a girl home or something. they both think I study too much but I don't think there is a such thing.

like I said. I hope that my first day is alright.


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