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chapter 10

leos pov

(this pov is going to change in the middle! i will obvi let yk whos pov)

i looked over and i saw her looking out the window. we leave for italy in 4 hours. i see a tear coming out of her left eye and she tried to hide it but i saw it. i grabbed her hand and held it. she didn't pull away. the whole car ride. it was silent. when we got to the house we both got out of the car and sofia ran inside. wiping another tear and she went and hugged sienna who was on the couch with marco.

"lets get you back into bed baby." sofia said and sienna nodded and they both went upstairs.

"why was she crying?" marco asked and i shrugged. i looked over at him and he was giving me the 'ima kill u' stare.

"i don't know. it started in the car. she was looking out the window and when i looked over she was trying to hide her tears." i say trying to figure out what wrong. we started walking up the stairs.

we heard a door gently close and footsteps. then we heard another door open and close. me and marco looked at each other and kept walking until we reached her door. marco knocked multiple times but no one answered. last time he knocked sofia opened the door.

sofias pov.

they kept knocking. my makeup covering my bruises on my eye was melting. i had to reapply it and when i was done i opened the door.

"uh yeah?" i said toward marco and leo who stood out the door with their hands crossed over their chest.

"hi" marco said smiling. um mhm ok

"hi. is everything okay?" i say hoping they would leave, i just want to go to bed.

"yup everything good with us. what about you?" he says and they both just walk right into my room and lays down on my bed.

"mommy?" i turn around and i see sienna.

"what's wrong baby?"

"i had a nightmare."she says with her eyes filled with tears. i walk over to her and crouch down and give her a hug.

"its okay, what was it about?" i say picking her up. i turn towards my bed and i see marco and leo. goddamit i forgot about them.

"it was about the scary lady." she says in-between hiccups. my mother.

"what happened?" i ask her, i hate seeing her like this.

"she was hitting you in the eye again."she says while playing with my hair. marco and leo eyes widen but i ignored them and focused on my daughter.

she saw her mother get hit and abused.

"ok well lets go tuck you in, okay?" i say and she shakes her head.

"i wanna sleep with you." she says and i smile.

"okay well lets go lay you down." i walk over to my bed hoping marco and leo would get the hint. but they don't, they just scoot over.

"mommy what are they doing in your bed?" she whispers in my ear while pointing at the guys. i set her on the bed and i sit on the corner.

"they are being locos." i say and they both gasp.

"i am not crazy!" they say at the same time. and i roll my eyes.

"okay goodnight mommy" she says and i kiss her forehead.

"goodnight sienna." i say as i stand up and walk over to my bathroom. of course the two bamboos follow me.

"we need to talk to you." leo says and i roll my eyes and nod.



word count: 675

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