What Have I Done?

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Derek's POV

Waking up I had such a headache, I felt like I hadn't slept in days I felt so exhausted, I didn't want to move. I looked down to see a pair of arms wrapped around me it made me smile. I turned around to see the gorgeous Susan but when I turned around, I had a shock of my life it wasn't Susan it was Clare! I jumped up and she woke up moaning "Derek baby get back in bed" I stood there so confused I didn't understand how she got here. 'What happened last night and where is Susan!' I thought to myself. "You have no right to call me that anymore, Clare" She sat up in bed then that's when I realised, she was lying next to me completely naked. I looked down and saw I was wearing my boxers, I was so relieved when I saw my boxers on, that means nothing sexually happened last night, I know this 100% because if I ever have sex, my boxers are always on my side cabinet or in the draw. So, in the morning I can put them straight back on. Or if I need a quick exit. I picked up all her clothes up off the floor and threw them at her "get changed and get out my house" I turned around headed to my wardrobe and draws and got changed. Then left the room slamming the door, I headed down to the kitchen and when I looked through the kitchen into the living room, I saw something which I didn't expect to see. I saw Susan lying on the sofa with my brother on top of her with his legs either side of her, he was leaning down and they were full on kissing but she wasn't pushing away she was enjoying it, I could tell by his and her body language. They both were relaxed and enjoying the moment.

It hurts to see her with my brother, I thought she hated him. I walked over in their direction. They stopped kissing and looked my way. Susan didn't look impressed to see me; she gave me a right evil look then looked to Max. Max looked at Susan then to me "what's up bro" I heard come from him. "Nothing it's just my day to have Susan as you had her yesterday" Max laughed and looked to Susan "She doesn't want to be with you" This is really annoying me, this couldn't get any worse, I want to rip his head off.

Susan's POV

After me and Max broke the kiss Derek was standing next to the sofa, Max was still on top of me and he spoke "What's up bro" I looked at Derek and gave him a filthy look, I hated him right now, I really was hoping to not see him today. Then he finally speaks up "Nothing it's my day to have Susan as you had her yesterday" I looked over to Max and was hoping he didn't say yes. Max started laughing which was a good sign because I knew he wouldn't say yes now, he says "She doesn't want to be with you" I looked up to Derek and I could see anger boiling inside him. This isn't going to end well. "Max don't mess with me; it's my house and you'll do as I say" my eyes went wide, and I knew for a fact that Max would have to listen to him.

The next thing we all know we hear a voice from behind "Derek baby, you can have me instead, I'm more fun" I sat up as much as I could and saw the woman from before she was dressed in the same dress from last night. I had a cold shiver run down my back and made my whole-body shiver. Which caused Max to look down at me, He tilted his head slightly to show he was confused.

Derek eyes were full of anger at this point and answered Miss slutty two shoes. "I told you to leave, why haven't you?" she came closer which I knew instantly wasn't a good idea. "because I miss you and want you back" Derek looked at me then her, "well I don't want you, so leave before I make you" She obviously didn't know Derek that well because she kept coming closer, she maybe be stunning but she was very dumb. Derek walked towards her and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the front door. "I always knew you liked it rough" came from her foul mouth. He reached the door on the opposite side of the leaving room and said "GO now" She stepped to the side and looked directly at me and spoke once again "Remember Susan, Remember what I said, I'll know, I know everything you do." I looked down and remembered everything she said to me and it made me want to cry. She was horrible, I hated them both. She hugged Derek then walked out the door shutting it on the way out and Derek turned back around and looked directly at me. "What was she on about, Susan" I looked at him and knew I was going to regret what I was about to say but it was worth it "I don't want to talk to you" He walked closer and closer till he was right in front again. "Max you not going to do anything"

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