Chapter 33

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Salaam everyone! So I have been having a lot of people ask me how Hana could have such a best friend like Kalthoum. The reality of the situation is that sometimes you have people in your life who you consider really close to you, but it takes a certain situation to realize how toxic they are. Something that opens your eyes to their true character and for those two, it happened to be Houssam. Sometimes you fix it and still remain friends, and other times you have to know when to let them go.

And AHHHHHHHHHHHHH number six in Spiritual! We are getting up there! Number one InshaAllah! Thank you so much to everyone for your support!

“Are there any other questions before we end the meeting?”

Hana was sitting at the head of the table in the library, leading the meeting for the newspaper committee, and everyone had shown up Alhamdulillah. Well it would have been Alhamdulillah if Houssam hadn’t chosen the seat across from her and had tried to catch her eye the whole meeting. And it would have been Alhamdulillah if Kalthoum hadn’t noticed this and was scowling at Hana the whole time.

Needless to say it was a meeting she wanted over as soon as possible, so when Kalthoum raised her hand she had to resist the urge to groan in annoyance.

“Yes Kalthoum?”

“When will the article on Influential Muslims in American History and Today be released?” she said this with a flirtatious look in Houssam’s direction, who grinned at her, causing Hana to stifle an eye roll. So much for keeping the Tarauf process a secret until you get engaged. They were being so obvious, that even Kareem would have been able to pick up on it!

“Um, as I said in the previous meeting, we have divided the sections into groups, and every two weeks we will be focusing on a different group.”

“Okay but when will it be released?”

“I believe Br. Abdullah is doing it on Malcolm X for this issue right?” she asked turning in his direction, and the brother nodded shyly. Hana had been surprised that he wanted to work on the newspaper, because of all of the people in Hisham’s Halaqah he was the quietest and the one who got embarrassed most easily when all attention was on him. Even now his face was turning red.

“Yes InshaAllah it’s going to be a five part series.” He whispered and Hana nodded.

“There you go.”

Kalthoum gave a huff of impatience, but didn’t say anything, and while Hana knew exactly what she wanted to know, she wasn’t going to indulge her especially in front of Hisham and Amir and all of the others.

“So if there are no other questions, I think we should call this meeting to an end.” She paused, looking around the room, and when no one responded, she motioned towards Amir. “Brother Amir, can you end the meeting for us?”

“Of course. Bismillah…” After Amir recited Surah al Asr, and led them through the closing Du’aa, everyone began to talk amongst themselves as they put away their notebooks and papers, and started heading towards the door.

“Habibti are you okay?” Hisham asked as he came up behind Hana, and she shot an alarmed look around the room before looking back at her brother.

“I’ll be fine Hisham. Don’t worry about it.” She said in a low voice.

He leaned against the bookshelf, crossing his arms.

“You’re my little sister. Of course I have to worry.”  He said, his volume matching hers.

“Thanks big bro, but if I need you, I’ll let you know. InshaAllah I will be okay.” She said giving him a reassuring smile, and he pulled her into a hug, kissing her on her head before patting her back, and turning towards Amir who was waiting in the doorway. The two of them waved at her before leaving the room, and as she turned around she stifled a scream as she almost collided right into Houssam’s chest.

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