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"Alright, New Directions." Mr. Schue clapped as all the kids started to take their seats. "Big news. As you all know, Vocal Adrenaline came in second last year at Nationals."

"The only good thing to come out of that lost weekend." Finn mumbled, only to widen his eyes a bit when Rachel nudged his side. "Besides us getting back together."

"Well, the boosters at Carmel don't donate tens of thousands of dollars every year to come in second, so they fired Dustin Goolsby."

"So handsome." Artie interrupted their teacher as Winnie frowned at the comment.

"And they're having trouble finding a new coach." Mr. Schue continued. "It seems that no-one wants to take on that pressure cooker."

"That means they're vulnerable." Tina said.

"Yes, and if we work hard enough, we can beat them." Mr. Schue said. "Which is why I realize that, hum, I can't direct the musical this year."

"No, Mr. Schue, you can't cancel the musical." Rachel yelled, dramatic as ever. "My New York dreams depend on it."

"I'm not canceling it." Mr. Schue said. "I'm just not directing it. My sole focus has to be in here. Nationals, Nationals, Nationals! And it's not just me that's gonna have to focus harder this year. I've been too easy on you, so everyday after choir practice I am instituting a mandatory Booty Camp so that we can work on our dancing. Now, it's not for all of you. Just the people that I think need help. Like..."

"Finn." The boy named himself as everyone laughed.

"How did you know?" Mr. Schue smiled. "And Puckerman, Hummel."

"I must protest." Kurt said.

"You kinda have one move, Kurt." Mike argued. "It's like this sashay, and it's super distracting."

Winnie laughed when Mike demonstrated Kurt's so called sashay but she couldn't deny it. It was true.

"Jones." Mr. Schue continued.

"What?" Mercedes protested. "Hell to the nizzy-no."

"You told me once that you were Beyonce." Mr. Schue said. "You don't think she spends extra time in the dance studio? Mike Chang has offered to be my assistant and he asked Winnie to be his assistant, so we start tomorrow and yes, Puckerman, it is mandatory."

As Blaine raised his hand to talk, Winnie and Mike exchanged a high-five right in front of Tina's face who was sitting between the two.

"Disgusting." She teased as they both just laughed at her.

"Mr. Schuester, would you mind if I dropped by for a little bit?" Blaine asked. "I really need to catch up with you guys."

At that, Mr. Schue nodded.

"Okay, Mr. Schue, I'm glad that you're so concerned with our special needs members, but what about me?" Rachel asked, as Winnie rolled her eyes at her, again. Special needs members? Did the girl ever think before speaking? "Okay, who's gonna direct the musical?"

At that question, Mr. Schue smiled, pointing at the door..

"Ladies and gentleman, your co-musical directors. Ms. Pillsbury and Coach Beiste." He announced as the two women walked inside and stood beside Mr. Schue. Well, that was an unexpected choice, but not unwelcome at all. "Now, Ms. Pillsbury did such a good job helping me out with Rocky Horror last year that I knew she could handle the job."

"And I'm here to keep the football guys in line and I've also talked them into playing the Jets." Coach Beiste said.

"Mr. Schue, with all due respect to Ms. Pillsbury and Coach Beiste, this is crazy..." Rachel protested, clearly not pleased. "They have absolutely zero experience in directing a musical."

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