Coming home

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After I had taken care of Secret and the Welder, I went back to the field that me and Kyle appeared in. I stabbed my sword into the ground, and it started glowing. A portal opened in the ground. I jumped in.

I appeared in my normal clothes in my uncle's lab. I still had my sword though. My uncle ran in and grabbed me by the shoulders. "Where were you? What happened? Did you touch Kingdom Come?" he asked. "Umm, Uncle Tony, I have something to tell you. We destroyed all of the evil guys, but Kyle was umm... killed," I said. "What!? No! This can't happen! Wait, I know what to do." He walked over to a big device that looked like the small one. He grabbed a wire and cut it. "There," he said, "Kyle should appear in a little bit." "Oh, good," I said. "So, what did you guys do in the kingdom?" "We killed all of the robots and I trapped the Welder and I paralyzed Secret." "Good." "Hey guys," said a familiar voice. "Kyle! Dude! Good to see you," I said. "Boys! Dinner!" my mom shouted. I noticed that no time had passed. We all went up for dinner, and when we were done, I hung my sword and daggers above my bed. Just in case.

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