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Does my story need to be written in 2021?

How many parts does my story need to be?

Is there a minimum amount of words I need in order to enter?

To be eligible, the story you submit must have been posted to Wattpad on or after January 1st 2019. Submissions to the all award categories must contain 50,000 or more words. Submissions can have as many (or as little) parts as needed to tell the story.

Does my story need to be finished to be eligible?

Yes. Incomplete stories are not eligible. They must be marked as complete on Wattpad. Be careful, when you edit a complete story it can change it back to ongoing so ensure you won't be making further changes when you submit or your story may become disqualified.

Does my story have to be exclusively available on Wattpad when I submit to the Wattys?

No, but if you are notified that your story has made the shortlist, your story will be required to be exclusively available on Wattpad for a minimum of 1 year following the end of the Wattys. In the case that a shortlisted story is available on other storytelling platforms, Wattpad reserves the right to ask that the story be made exclusive to our platform. If you've published your story traditionally or through self-publishing, your story is ineligible for the 2021 Watty Awards. Patreon does not count as self-publishing. If you've previously self-published or printed a copy of your story and given it out, but have since taken it down and control the rights, that would be okay.

Can I submit:

A. More than one story?

Yes. You can enter as many stories as you like, as long as your submissions meet our eligibility criteria.

B. If I've won a Watty in the past?

Of course! We welcome previous Wattys winners to submit a story that hasn't won a Watty before to the current Wattys season—all eligible stories are welcome! However, previous winners aren't given priority; it's an equal playing field for all. Stories will only be selected based on their ability to fit the criteria per category, and the quality of their writing.

C. A story that has already won a Watty?

To encourage and support new writers on the platform, stories that have previously won a Watty are ineligible to enter this year.

D. A story I co-wrote with another writer?

Group or collaborative stories are eligible for The Watty Awards. However, the award itself will only be presented to the account the story was originally published on.

E. A mature story?

Yes. Remember: stories must abide by our content guidelines.

F. A comic or graphic novel?

No. A story containing 50,000+ words could also contain images and media, like a light novel, but comics and graphic novels won't be part of this year's Wattys.

G. The same story I entered last year?

Yes, if your story satisfies our eligibility requirements and so long as this story did not win.

H. A bilingual story?

Yes. Should the story win, you will be rewarded in whichever language is the majority. For example, if your story is written primarily in German, but sentences and minor conversations are had in Spanish, you will be given a German language award.

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