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Entry is simple! Visit the Story Details page of the story you wish to enter. If it's eligible, you'll be prompted to complete a short submission form. You'll receive confirmation that your story has been submitted. Your Story Details page is where you input the description, title, tags, and so on.

Award Language:

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Award Language:

This is where you select the language your story is written in. Even if your story is bilingual, it still must be submitted to one language, so select the one that best fits. Stories that do not fit under any of the languages listed will not be eligible to win.

Award Category:

Stories can only be submitted to the following categories: ChickLit, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery & Thriller, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Werewolf, Young Adult.

If you don't see a category that you feel matches your story exactly, please feel free to submit under the category that you think is the closest match. We have processes in place to ensure that stories end up in the right category for judging, so your story will still have the chance to be considered.

To learn more about each category see the AWARD CATEGORIES chapter.

Mature Themes:

These identify, if any, what mature themes your story has. If your story is rated mature, it will generally have at least one of these. Stories with any level of mature themes are eligible to win, as long as they abide by our content guidelines.

Story Maturity:

This section is intended to help us understand how sexy a story is, if at all. Stories with any level of sexual content are eligible to win, as long as they abide by our content guidelines. Try to pick the one that best matches. The rating are defined as follows:

- No sexual content: No intimate touching whatsoever (e.g., Pride & Prejudice)

- Steamy: Intimate touching and steamy kisses, but no sex (e.g., Twilight)

- Fade to Black: There is sex, but it is not explicitly shown. (e.g., The Bachelor)

- Explicit Sex Rare: 1-2 sex scenes where the sex is explicitly shown (e.g., Riverdale)

- Explicit Sex Common: Explicit sex in multiples chapters (e.g., 50 Shades of Gray)

Target Audience:

This helps us understand what age group your story is aimed at or intended for.


This is a brief summary and pitch for your story that is intended to both hook us into your story and describe the main plot of your story.

Plot Summary:

A plot summary should be approximately 500 words and written in third person. It should identify the major characters, key moments of action, and how the story ends (including spoilers).

Best Cover Presented by Canva:

This section is for you to select whether you would like your to submit your story cover for the Best Cover. In this section, you must confirm that the cover design is fully your own, all imagery used is original or licensed content, and that the design abides by Wattpad's content guidelines.

Is your story on another platform?

Please indicate if your story is currently on another platform such as Amazon, Inkitt, Dreame, etc. Stories on Patreon do not count.


This section verifies that, if your entry should make it to the shortlist round of the contest, you agree that you will make your story exclusive to Wattpad for a minimum of 1 year. This means that during the year you will not be permitted to upload your story to other platforms or shop your story to agents/publishers, and if the story is currently on another platform, you will need to remove the story should your entry make it to the shortlist.


This is the section where you can let us know if there are any opportunities at Wattpad that you would like to be considered for. To learn more about each opportunity check out Writer Programs & Opportunities.


You will need to enter and confirm the email address that you would like to be contacted at should we have updates on your entry.


Once you are ready to submit your form, check off that you have read, understood, and agree to the contest rules and regulations, and then hit the submit button. It will take you to a confirmation screen showing you've successfully submitted your story.

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