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You can submit original content of any genre – as long as it tells a story – according to the descriptions of the award categories available. The story must be fiction, fully available on Wattpad, complete, and your own original story. Your story cannot be published either traditionally or through self-publishing (Patreon does not count). Your story must abide by Wattpad's content guidelines

- Stories must abide by Wattpad's Content Guidelines.

- Stories must be complete

- Stories must be 50,000 words or more

- Stories can be any rating or genre, as long as it actually tells a story

- Stories must be your own story, completely original and written entirely by you

- Stories must be fully available on Wattpad (no excerpts)

- Stories must have a completed submission form

If your story is chosen for the shortlist, you will be contacted via Wattpad DMs, and it will be expected that your story must be exclusively available on Wattpad for a minimum of 1 year following the end of the Wattys. Not abiding by this may result in your story being eliminated from consideration.

Wattpad wants to make it clear that any story you submit to the Wattys remains 100% yours. We get only the rights outlined in the "Legal Stuff" section below. Be sure to check it out!  

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