A Blast From the Past

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After the funeral of my beloved grandmother, Tyler explained everything to my aunt back at her house where Noah and I had been staying. (Well not everything, he left out the part where we were traveling the world in search of our grandmother's fortune.)
He did tell her that he would take temporary custody of us. She didn't ask questions, she just wanted to go back to her child free life. He told her that he was attending college in Cairo (as if) and needed our passports.

While they dealt with the political stuff, Noah and I packed. We knew to travel light but it was hard for me to leave so much behind. I knew we would never return here. I know that my aunt will figure that something is wrong if she bothers to care eventually and will send Social Services after us. All that just so that she can bring us home and make our lives hell. Therefore, Noah and I, and possibly even Tyler should avoid the United States entirely.

After we finish packing in a thoughtful silence, Noah and I make our way downstairs. I have also changed from my black funeral dress into some jean shorts and a purple tank top. My hair is now pulled back into a ponytail and my makeup isn't as dark. My aunt leaves the room and Tyler wolf whistles. I give him the death glare and he quickly shuts up.

"Ready to go?" he asks like a parent would ask their child before helping them into the car. I ignore him for I am still uneasy about going to Cairo, Egypt with Tyler Harrison. Seemingly offended, Tyler stares at me in fake shock while fake hurt flashes through his eyes. We exit the house and I see Tyler's Jeep.

"Shotgun!" I yell out of instinct and race Noah to the car. I open the door triumphantly and slip inside. I pull out my iPhone and begin to text my best friend Karlie about my situation, leaving out the part about the money hunt stuff.

"That anxious to sit next to me again, huh Grace?" he smirks I feel the blood rush to my cheeks but I face the window and continue to ignore him.

"I'm right here you know. why don't you two continue that at the apartment?" Noah comments as Tyler starts the car. I shoot him a glare from the front seat. If looks could kill, I would be the only living person in this car. With a laugh, Tyler proceeds to his apartment. My aunt could not get the passports right away so we will be staying with Tyler until the papers come. I am downright thrilled. (Please note sarcasm.)

When we arrive at the apartment my first impression is that this place smells like a horrid creature ate his brother, pooped him out, ate it again and then threw up. the place is overall neat with a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms, one belonging to Tyler and the other being the guest room which I doubt gets used very often.

"Noah, you got the couch and Makenna, you have the honor of the guest room," I was genuinely surprised that he had thought this through. I made my way down the short hallway and opened the first door that I saw. An even more wretched smell burned my nostrils and I quickly closed the door. That must be Tyler's pigsty of a room I hope. I opened another door to a fairly fresh smell and saw a lovely little room with crisp sheets and a bedspread. There was also a rocking chair and nightstand. I dropped my small bag near the night stand and saw that there was a bathroom connected to my bedroom. I was thankful that I wouldn't have to share with the boys because that would've been awkward.

I rejoin the boys in the kitchen to see Noah on the couch watching some sports show while Tyler is making nachos. I make my way to the kitchen and sit around the table.

"Did you see your room?" he asks.

"Yep," I reply popping the "p".

"Do you like it?" he inquiries once more.

"What's with all of the sweet questions?" I ask, realizing how much he wanted to please me with the room. Just then, the oven beeps and Tyler rises to retrieve his nachos. When he returns he is back to his arrogant self. But I saw it. A glimpse of his old self. The old self that I loved back when it was on the surface. I will get that Tyler back.

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