Strange Man

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I woke up to a massive headache, I turned around and hugged my mum but I was so confused to not feel my mums soft and welcoming hug but to feel a bare, muscle chest. I moved away instantly to see who i was lying next to. The person just chuckled to himself. I climbed off the bed slowly. A clicking noise went off then a bright light beamed through the whole room. The man on the bed sat up and started to check me out, looking me up and down, it was a man I'd never seen before. I looked down and realised I was only wearing pants as I lost the privilege to wear a bra but who changed me? Who is this man? I dropped to floor I felt so embarrassed, I brought my legs to my chest to hide my private parts. The man climbed out of bed and walked closer to me. "pleasee leave me alone" he carried on coming closer until he was In front of me. I had tears of fear rolling down my face rapidly. He grabbed my hands and picked me up. I screamed as loud as I could "pleasee stop!" he slapped me across the face and threw me to the floor. He came over to me and started kicking me in the side of stomach near my ribs. The pain was unbearable I screamed which only lead him to kick harder, the door swung open and Derek came in his face lit with anger. I felt so weak and vulnerable. My thoughts went wild 'What they going to do to me now?' 'What have I done wrong?' 'Who even is this man?'. Coming out of thoughts when I see Derek run over to me and garb the man and throw him to the floor. Coming back over to me, literally shaking with fear I move back away from Derek "pleasee I don't know what I've done wrong but I won't do it again" I came to a wall and held my knee's up to my chest closing my eyes ready for the impact. I felt a hand touch my arm, crying heavier by the second. "Susan it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you" I look up I couldn't even speak I was so scared and full of worry. He looked me up and down, I was praying he wouldn't try anything. Derek stood back up, took his top off "nooo pleasee I'm sorry, I won't do it again" he crouched back down and spoke in a low and calming tone "Susan I'm not going to hurt you, here put my top on" with one hand covering my chest and the other I grab the t-shirt. Derek stood up and turned around I slipped the top over me and winced at the pain in my side. "I'm sorry" I managed to speak, trying to stand to my feet, Derek turned around and helped me stand, i grabbed onto his arm to pull myself off the ground. He walked me out the room but before we came to the door he turned and spoke to the lad "stay here I'll deal with you in a min"

I was shaking so much, Derek led me to a room which I'm guessing is his. He sat me down one the bed. He wiped my tears from my face but more just flowed. "tell me everything that just happened" I was so scared to tell him in case he punished me to. "umm" he looked at me with concern, like he cared "Susan i'm not going to hurt you" i nodded, he sat next to me and I turned slightly to face him but wincing at the pure pain in my side. "it all started when I thought my mum was next to me in bed, I turned to hug my mum but when I realised it wasn't her, I let go instantly and climbed out of bed. He then turned the light on and was staring over at me. I was confused as why he was starring and me with such thirst in his eyes, then i realised when I looked down. Who undressed me? And who was that man?" Derek looked to the floor and back up to me "Max must of undressed you and moved your mum into another room and got his mate 'Dan' to sleep next to you. Carry on" I was shocked and scared to think what else he could do to me as a punishment! "but why would he do that?" Derek continued to focus on me while he spoke "to punish you, I guess. Now carry on" I was confused as to what I did wrong that night but continued with telling Derek everything that happened "I dropped to the floor from the pain in my legs and the man got out of bed and came over to me. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to my feet I screamed because I thought he was going to try something. Which led me to getting a slap round the face and being thrown on the floor. I covered myself up again with my hands and knees, he then came over and started to kick me in the side". The thought of it all made me look to the floor and cry more and more "please carry on, I need to know everything" Derek said raising my chin to look at him. I nodded in response "when he was kicking me that's when I screamed the second time which made him kick me harder. Then you came in and I thought you was taking over and was going to punish me more. But i don't understand what I did wrong!" Derek face was lit with anger which scared me "I'm sorry, I've angered you, i won't do what ever it was again" I sat there looking down and fiddling with my fingers. Until I felt Derek put his hand on the bottom of the top and lift it up, my eyes went wide "pleasee I'm sorry, tell me what i did, i wont do it.  I promise" he stopped "Susan I need to see your side" my heart beat slowed down and my breathing was slowing down. When his hand brushed against it, I moved away it hurt so bad. I looked down to see it and saw a massive bruise going from my hip to my ribs it was massive. Derek looked into my eyes I could see worry in his eyes. "can you please ask the man what I did wrong as I don't want to do it ever again. And thank you for stopping him, if it's okay with you I would like to go back to sleep but in here with you where I know I'm safe!"

Derek's POV

I was so angry at Dan for hurting her like that, I could have seriously killed him when I walked in the room. To see Susan full of fear and shaking hurt me. I was so annoyed with max for doing this. This had gone too far; she didn't deserve that she did nothing wrong. Susan told me everything I could tell she wasn't lying with the emotion on her face, even when she was telling me what happened she was scared to death. Susan spoke again this time with a shaky tone "can you please ask the man what I did wrong as I dont want to do it ever again. And thank you for stopping him, if it's okay with you I would like to go back to sleep but in here with you where I know I'm safe!" she glowed my heart when she said that. I smiled and answered her "Yes I will do that, and, in the morning, I'll tell you, no problem I thought it was max doing it at first by your scream. Course you know how to sleep so go lie down, make sure your close to my side remember!" I saw her give a little smile back. I place a soft kiss on her lips and she then go and crawls over the bed and climbs into the covers. I went out the room, shutting the door. I didn't need to lock it as I knew she couldn't go nowhere. Walking back into the room where Dan was, I walk in and go over to Dan.

The first thing I did was punch him right in the cheek. "What was that for" he says. "you dont hurt her, who said you can hurt her like that?" he expression on his face said I all. "did Max say you can?" he looked to the floor and looked back to me "Max said if she gets out of bed I was to punish her" I was so angry right now and I could kill them both right now. "You will only listen to me from now on. Tomorrow you will say sorry to Susan, you could have killed her she's delicate. You've gave her a massive bruise already" the lads eyes went wide "I dint realise I was hurting he that bad, I will apologize first thing. Sorry bro" nodded and started to walk out he room "get some sleep". Shutting the door as I leave, I went back into my room, seeing her so peaceful asleep warmed my heart. I climbed into bed. It didn't take me long to go sleep with her in my arms.

Until I was woken by Susan moving in her sleep and screaming, she was having a nightmare. I gently woke her up, her eyes all teared up "it's just a bad dream calm down, come here. Try go back sleep gorgeous" she moved closer to me and held onto my arm and slowly drifted back to sleep. Susan what are you doing to me. At this moment in time you're driving me crazy your so beautiful especially when you sleep. I felt myself drifting to sleep with a smile on my face.

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