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3rd Person Pov:

Troye had always been the one to flirt first with Mr. Oakley, who was in fact gay and pretty much the hottest guy you could lay your eyes on. Mr. Oakley, or Tyler, was one of the only guy teachers at Hawk Ridge High School. Which meant Tyler didn't have much competition for Troye.

It was currently the 4th quarter of the year, and Troye was soon going to graduate from High School. He has never liked school, since the first day of Kindergarten he despised of school. He tried to miss school at every chance he got. Which was not very often. He couldn't miss school, he couldn't go a couple of days without seeing Tyler. He was addicted to him.

Troye had been begging for Tyler to fvck him for months. Tyler had constantly been teasing Troye throughout the months, causing Troye to have an unbearable amount of sexual frustration.

During lonely nights in his room, Troye would slowly jerked himself off, imagining Tyler down on his knees taking Troye into his mouth, and swirling his tongue across his slit and milking him clean of his cvm. That just wasn't enough for Troye. He actually needed Tyler.

During Tyler's English class Troye let dirty images fill his mind as Tyler was in front of the class teaching them about the basics of English, not they didn't know. Troye definitely could not possibly getting a hard on during class, imagine how embarrassing that would be for him! He would never hear the end of that one. 'think of dead puppies, think of dead puppies' he thought over and over again in his head. Troye hadn't realized that he had closed his eyes and been swaying back and forth trying to get the thoughts out of his head until he heard someone clear their throat rather close to him.

He opened his eyes surprised to find most of the class staring in his direction. He crossed his legs rather quickly and moved his arms to cover up his crotch area. He saw his classmates looking back and forth between him and someone standing behind him.

He turned around unsure of what he was going to find behind him. His eyes locked with Tyler's immediately. Tyler grinned devilishly, "Is something wrong Sivan?" he raised an eyebrow asking.

Troye was taken aback by his question. Had he seen the growing bulge in the front of his black jeans? Panic took over Troye, he felt his face turn to a deep shade of red. "N-no, Mr. Oakley" he said quickly, wanting everyone to turn their attention somewhere else. He hated to be put on the spot, especially by Tyler.

"There seems to be something bothering you," he said slyly his signature smirk spreading across his face. "Why don't you go outside and get a drink?" he said knowing exactly why Troye was shifting uncomfortably in his seat, and trying to cover up his growing bulge .

Troye looked around the room begging for someone to help him out, but everyone just gave him a blank stare. He turned back to Mr. Oakley "I-I'm okay- but thank you for the offer." Since when could Tyler ever make Troye stutter, and blush so deeply he looked like a tomato?

Tyler nodded "Okay," he paused staring deeply into Troye's eyes, dismissing their conversation. "Everyone back to learning!" he said loudly making most of the kids jump, who had fallen asleep during Troye and Tyler's interesting conversation.

After that, the class was pretty boring. Doing worksheets and talking to kids that he hated wasn't his thing. To Troye's relief, the bell rang loudly, signaling that the day was over. Troye's bulge slowly died down during the hour after his embarrassing talk with Tyler.

Troye packed his notebook and binder into his book bag desperately trying to get out of the room before Tyler had a chance to call him, and so he could walk out in the crowd of people.

Of course, something had to delay him from making it out at the same time as the other people. His zipper got stuck on the cloth that was suppose to cover the zipper. He tugged a few times finally breaking free the cloth from the confinement of the zipper. He zipped his bag back together standing up and looking around to see everyone had already left, and it was just Tyler and him now.

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