Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


Ten minutes before six o'clock. I have to hurry before hell comes. How can I excuse myself? Elaine! Yes, I'd tell them I have a date with Elaine! I ran towards the shower as fast as I could and took a bath. 

I was a quick-mover so it took me only 8 minutes to get ready. Right after I finish putting on my hair wax, I heard Grandma shout, "Vince, sweetie, get ready. They'll be arriving few minutes from now."

Heck no. I have to hurry. I put my essentials in my bag - phone, money, iPod, car keys. As I ran downstairs I shout, "I'm sorry Grandma but I have a date with Elaine." I'd just pick her up at her house; I have no time to inform her, I thought to myself.

As I reach the ground floor, a girl standing beside Grandma is looking confusedly at me.

"You didn't tell me we have a date."

"Elaine?! What are you doing here?" I exclaimed. I turned to Grandma and saw the grin on her face.

"Well, I just thought it would be nice if we have Elaine joining us for dinner. Right honey?" She put her arms on Elaine's shoulder, as if trying to make her agree. "Yea." said Elaine, half-smiling.

Oh no. I have no way out. Wait. Dave! I need him here. "Well I guess it would also be great if I'd invite Dave over for dinner too." Nice thinking Vince.

"He's not part of the family, sweetie."

"And Elaine is?" My face was full of disappointment and I know Elaine's offended with what I said, it's obvious.

"She will be - soon." Yeah, she's up with her evil plans again. Grandma's nice, sweet and cheerful but she's kind of bossy. No one, I mean no one, ever tried to go against her - except me. Being the owner of the largest finance company in the country, she has a name - a name even aliens outside the planet know. Ever since middle school, she always wanted Elaine to be her granddaughter-in-law. For me, Elaine would be the ideal granddaughter-in-law for every grandma's out there - she has the beauty, the brains, and the talent. No wonder why there were countless guys out there who hated me whenever I'm with her. But I can't let Grandma decide for me.

Being a born Aristotle, I defended, "Oh, you're going to marry her Grandma? Congratulations." Yeah, Grandma would walk-out now.

But she didn't. She never lost. She's born to win. With that smile, which I hate, she said, "Oh come on sweetie, stop making me laugh. You're going to marry her. And that's final." She smiled again and I'm irritated.

Elaine brightened up after hearing that. Damn. I love you Grandma but please let me kill that devil inside you. 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Who said I will?" I said then walked away. But I felt a hand pulling my arms, and stopped me from walking. When I turned to look, it's Elaine with a picture of despair painted on her face. "What?"

"Please, don't go."

Being with her for almost years as her friend (and me liking her), I can't stand watching her face like that. But I also don't want her to start any serious talk with me. She's going to ask crazy things for sure - Don't you like me? Am I not enough for you? I know her very much. So to avoid it, I made an alibi, "What's with that drama? I'm going to the bathroom." I pulled my hand then walk away - but not to the bathroom, I'm going out...somewhere.

I was about to open the door when the knob moved, and the door opened. There in front of me stands my mom - Vanessa Coax, eight years ago; Vanessa Matsuoka now. Together with her is Erika, her daughter with Jun who is a Japanese businessman who shared investments with Grandma's Company.

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