Chapter 2

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Charlotte pried her eyes open at the sound of footsteps coming closer to her door. Her room was at the end of the corridor and next to Lord Kuran's. It was the only open one left in the Moon Dorm and had been given to her. She had known immediately it wasn't Kuran, for these steps were light and hesitant, whereas Lord Kuran's were heavy, certain and leisure. These were quick and she could feel the giddiness in the air.

She got up and walked to the door as soon as the footsteps stopped in front of it. She opened the door before the person knocked and smiled sleepily at Hanabusa. He smiled happily at her and waved, "Takuma's celebration is in about an hour and he asked you to be there so you can meet him. He's a really good guy and I'd like you to meet him as well. Get ready, please?"

She ran a hand through her hair and rubbed at her eyes sleepily, "Uh... yeah, yeah. An hour? I'll be ready by then." Her brother nodded before taking his leave, walking down the corridor and back to his room.

Rubbing her eyes a little more, she made a move to close her door, but the familiar sound of more footsteps came down the corridor and she looked up into Kuran's eyes. He nodded to her with a strange look in his brown eyes as he passed by and into his room.

Closing the door when he closed his, she leant against it for a couple of seconds before locking it and pushing off to walk to her closet. She stripped her clothing as she went. She pulled on a black skater skirt to her waist and black knee-high socks. Pulling on a white short sleeve v-neck, she tucked the bottom into the skirt waist.

She looked herself in the body mirror her father probably brought over and deemed herself presentable before walking over to the shoe rack in the cupboard. She sat on the floor and pulled on the black leather Doc Martens over her feet and lacing them up quickly.

She put her phone in the waist of her skirt and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste as well as black eyeliner. She left her room to where she had recalled the bathroom was when she passed it as Hanabusa was leading her to her room. She was glad that no one was in there and she began to brush her teeth. She went slowly at first, still feeling tired, but she sped up when she realised someone might actually come in here and she didn't feel like trying to socialise before the actual celebration.

After she cleaned her teeth, she applied her eyeliner. When she was finished with that, she examined herself one more time in the mirror. She stared at her eyes that seemed to be a bit bluer and a bit darker than they usually were without the black rimming her eyes.

Sighing tiredly, she gathered the few things she had brought into the bathroom and made her way back to her room. When she got back inside her room, she went in search of a hairbrush that she was in desperate need of. Being too distracted by searching for something to detangle her hair, she wasn't paying attention to the knocking on the door until whoever it was opened the door.


Charlotte tensed briefly at the new voice before turning around to see a familiar girl standing in the doorway with a smile. Her hair was a light, almost blonde, brown along with her eyes. Charlotte smiled at the sight of her, walked over, and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Hey, Ruka," Charlotte greeted warmly.

When she pulled away, Ruka walked over to the drawer of the vanity table and pulled it open, pulled out a hairbrush and waved it at Charlotte.

Charlotte rose her eyebrows in surprise and admitted, "I honestly never would have thought to look in there... or use it." Ruka laughed and handed her the brush.

"I'm so glad to see you. It's been a while, and it's refreshing to know you're doing well," Ruka said, smiling as she spoke. "You couldn't have come at a better time than this." She ran her hand through Charlotte's hair. Much to Charlotte's relief, it wasn't a part of her hair that was tangled. "Well, I'll leave you to finish getting ready for Takuma's party. It starts in thirty minutes."

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