"Your blood... smells nice," the Level E purred, smiling maliciously at the girl behind Charlotte. "Let me drink... all of it!" It ran forward and so did Zero, using the staff quicker than Charlotte had and jabbed it forwards so the end caught the vampire in the face, sending the beast flying backwards.

Now noticing the burning in her hands, Charlotte looked down at the staff with a frown, "Hmm... anti-vampire rod. Nice." The girl gasped behind her. Zero stood beside the girl with Charlotte in front both of them. Little bolts of electricity were constantly flickering around her and Zero's hands. The girl grasped the rod as well and Charlotte let go immediately, looking at her palms as they surprisingly healed over. It took a few seconds, but they healed over nonetheless.

"Don't just stand there, Yuki," Zero chided, looking at the Level E who cried out in pain from the hit and covered its forehead as well as its eyes. "It seems that Artemis doesn't like me to use it... or Charlotte, for that matter."

When the Level E looked up at the trio, angrier than before, its eyes going completely black, Yuki dropped to her knees with an almost defeated look on her face and Charlotte held out her hand to help her up. Yuki simply looked at her extended pale hand, staring at it suspiciously. "She's not going to hurt you... she's a... she's a friend."

The Level E jumped into the air again, prepared to attack and Charlotte acted quickly, using the energy in the air to ignite a fire. She forced said energy to surround and catch the Level E at the same time a sword sliced through it. The mixture of the damage the fire caused as well as the sword, the Level E burst into ashes and Charlotte covered herself to keep from it getting into her hair and on her face.

Standing where the rogue vampire had once been were two boys, one was blond with green eyes and the other had mahogany coloured hair and blue eyes. Yuki looked surprised, "Ichijo... Shiki..."

The blond smiled, sheathing the sword, "All done." He had been looking at Yuki, but his green eyes sparkled when he noticed Charlotte standing beside Zero and Yuki. "Did you start that fire...? You're an aristocrat..." The blond took in Charlotte's pale skin, healthy hair, youthful and healthy glow she had to her skin, her bright eyes and the bloodied hole in her shirt the revealed otherwise perfectly smooth skin.

Completely ignoring what the blond said to her, the blue-eyed boy spoke with a bored look on his face, "I wasn't really needed here..." 

Charlotte gave a tiny laugh, covering her mouth as she did and giving an apologetic look to Zero who looked back at her with intense annoyance. She took the rod from him despite that she knew it was anti-vampire and closed it, handing it back to Yuki.

"Why have you two done this?" Yuki asked got up from the ground and took Artemis from Charlotte. Running her hand through her blonde hair, Charlotte sighed and shoved her hands into her pockets and turned around to take her leave. Zero caught her arm, successfully stopping her, and tightened his grip when she tried to wriggle out of it. He turned his head to her and gave her harsh glare with his violet eyes screaming 'you're not going anywhere!'

"If you're curious... come to the Moon Dormitory tonight. I'll tell you all about the reason why we dealt with the Level E. You can come as well if you'd like, Charlotte... was it? I'd like if you came, too." The blond gave them all a small smile as he and the other boy turned to walk away. Charlotte tilted her head to the side as they left. The blond looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it at the moment where she had seen him before.

"Can you let me go? I've got somewhere to be," Charlotte said, looking down at Zero's hand that was still holding her arm tightly. "I've got a meeting with the Headmaster of Cross Academy. Can't be late." All the colour, or what was left of it, drained from Zero's face at her words and he let her go, staring at her with an 'are you fucking kidding me?' look. "Why are you looking at me like that? Have I got something on my face?"

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