Moonlight~ Pt.2

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Yandere passive nightmare x male reader
Y/n's pov
My eyes suddenly opened as I looked around feeling my dried tears on my face and when I touched the bed sheets they felt like they were mine. (Was it a nightmare-) I couldn't finish my thought as I was pulled down into someone's chest. "Good morning y/n how are you?" A voice said making me turn my head to see him with fear in my eyes. "What? Surprised that I'm real? Of course I am! And your in my castle so there's nowhere to hide~" I was to shocked to notice that he was leaning towards my face until he was inches away from my face "besides I have my ways of getting you back in my hands." He said right before slamming his teeth onto my lips somehow immediately slipping his tongue in making me gag a bit before he broke the kiss. "I would mate with you now but I want you to love me before we do that." I couldn't speak as he picked me up putting me on my feet motioning me to follow him which I did out of fear. He brought us into a kitchen asking me what I would want to eat and I said my favorite food which he smiled and began making it as I sat down in a chair. A good 10 minutes later he put down a plate of said food and I ate it hoping that nothing was in it. After I finished it nightmare once more motioned me to follow him and this time we went a living room but were in a castle how could there be a living room? In said living room there was a big couch,a Tv,a coffee table,And a chair. "Alright that's enough touring around for now." He said as I saw a door across the room only to be pulled into his arms and back into his room we went. A sudden wave of sleepiness washed over me and as I fell asleep I felt something prick my neck as nightmare said. "You belong to me now my darling."

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