Ricky's Bi-Otch

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I can count on my hand the number of guys I have successfully wooed and kept for over a month. If I shape my hand the right way I can give you the number. Yup there it is. See how my hand forms a retarded O? Yeah that’s a zero.




Nada one.

But hell that’s not what I want to talk to you about today. Nope. I wanna tell you about how all this madness in my life started, and why I’m standing in the rain holding up a sign that clearly reads ‘Ricky’s Bitch’ in block letters.

It all started in the Employee Break room….


A/N: This stoy is more than a few months old and i'm wondering why I even took it down. Long stoy short: I'm going through old things trying to figure out why I haven't found The ONE. 

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