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Chapter two

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"Slave! Get up!" I heard someone sneer. My hands and feet were no longer bound together, but I had cuts on my arms from the ropes. I crawled out from under his bed and stood up with my head down. "Go and get me some breakfast!" He sneered.

I froze. What was I supposed to give him? "What do you wish Master?" I asked in my most fake and sugar sweet tone.

"Are you stupid?! Blood for goodness sake!" He roared, which made me shrink slightly. "Y-yes Master." I squeaked before running for the door. Only to be stopped by him in front of me. "Well not a very good first impression slave." He sneered. I felt myself tense up. Was Slave the only thing he could call me? Before even thinking I had lost my temper. I had always been temperament full, but now I was really stupid.

"Slave? Slave? Is that the only thing you can call me? My name is Blair!!" I sneered at him. His lips quirked into a grin and I was just too pissed off to stop. Before thinking I had slapped him hard. His jack ass grin faded away and the only thing you could see was anger.

"Get down on your knees and arms on the bed." He spoke calmly. I was petrified and my heart was banging loudly. "Do it now! Or else your punishment will be twice at big!" He sneered. God I hated this man!

Without another word I obeyed. From behind I heard the sound of my master taking if his belt. With one quick movement he had ripped my thin sweater of and I was now only in my bra and jeans.

"It is time for your punishment slave! This might show you some manners!" While he spoke I prepared myself. What he didn't know was that I was going to feel the pain five times worse than what he thought. I bit as hard as I could down on the duvet, ready for a great deal of pain to come.

The pain was unbearable. He whipped me ten times; all of them I had managed to stay silent.

"Well that was fun wasn't it Slave?" I nodded and whispered. "Yes Master." I was so weak I had problems staying conscious. The silver chain around my neck made me dizzy and my wounds would probably only heal like a regular human instead of a couple of hours. A regular woman would probably think the chain was a beautiful necklace, if she only knew the truth.

"Go down and get me breakfast." He ordered. I didn't dare to ask for any clothes and slowly got up from the floor. I was outside his room when I felt my legs fail and fell straight to the floor moaning in pain. I tried to get up, but my injuries were too big and my lack of blood together with the chain made me lose consciousness.

I was awakened by someone kicking me. I opened my eyes slightly to see my master. Angry. "Get up you pathetic wimp!" He sneered. But I had lost control over my body. I was in too much pain for it to work and my head banged harder than ever.

"I said get up Slave!" He sneered. "I can't Master." I said weakly, all my strength had disappeared. It was silent for a moment before I was dragged back into his room and thrown at the grown, making me lose control and let out a small scream.

"I am thirsty!" He sneered as it was my fault. "You should have obeyed Slave, this is the consequences." With one quick movement we were on the bed and he was about to strike when I stopped him. "Master stop." I ordered weakly. That earned me another slap. "It is going to kill me." I said weakly and it was the truth.

He eyed me for a second. Looking for any sign of lie, but he didn't find any. Finally he got off. Before he could order me around I had lost consciousness.

I woke up by somebody licking the wounds on my back. I jerked away, but the movement caused me a great deal of pain. No longer caring about what others thought I let out a scream.

"Lay still." He ordered and continued licking. First I thought he was only doing it because he wanted to be nasty, but I felt my wounds closing. I was healing! Why was my master doing this?

"Better Slave?" I nodded weakly. It would still be a couple of hours until I could walk, but I no longer had a bleeding wound on my back.

"You can sleep in my bed today, because of the injury." He spoke again. I was astonished. He laid down beside me, without even touching me. Forgetting rule number two I spoke up.

"Master?" I said weakly. He was about to slap me again for speaking, but retrieved his hand by the look of my injuries. "What now Slave, haven't I told you not to speak!"

"Thank you." I said. Letting him know I was grateful. My father would never had shown such mercy.

He didn't say anything to my comment. I closed my eyes, slightly shivering from the cold, but didn't dare to ask for a blanket. That would have been playing with fire.


We were hiding in a small cave for the vampire's. My father was strong enough to protect himself, but I weren't. He had centuries of practice. The lack of food on my hand didn't help. He had ate everything and refused me more than a small piece of bread a day. Without any warning I was pinned to the grown and he started to rip of my clothes.

"Dad, please?" I begged, not wanting to lose my virginity at the age of fifteen to my own father. I felt my tears run down my cheeks. "This is the payment for letting you stay here." He said evilly.

I gasped and sat straight up, covered in sweat. My heart was panting and tears were running down my cheeks.

I was still shivering, but the warmth from a blanket eased it down. Wait! Blanket? A blanket was wrapped around me, how did it get here? I turned my face to look at noon else that my master. He was eying me. A weak, shivering, scared and tearful witch.

I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it. Remembering how angry he had gotten last night. "Nightmare?" I nodded weakly.

"Go back to sleep Slave." He ordered and I didn't dare to disobey him. Even though I knew my father was going to haunt my dreams for the rest of the night... or day, since vampire's enjoyed sleep during the day. The truth were that I did to, so no problems there.

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