Sneak Peak"ing"

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It was getting late but I was ready. I really wanted to see who this person visiting, or possibly moving in was. I mean it may not be none of my business, but if they are in my neighborhood then I think I have the right to know. To me it's not like I'm eavesdropping; I just want to be a little nosey and see who I'm living next to. If they are anything like Sam and Sally then God help me! Before I walked back to my bedroom to change into black shorts and a black shirt so I could kind of be disguised with the night I saw the light flashing on the side of my laptop. It was probably another message from Kyle knowing him. As I opened it up i saw that it was Justin who had messaged me back. I mean it took forever for him to, which made me kind of eerie about if he was a fake or not. Hopefully some questioning and a little bit of info would help me believe if he was real enough to keep as a friend on here, or just a creepy perv. Getting to know someone isn't called creeping its just called understanding the facts instead of talking to a complete stranger. I've had to deal with so many creeps and perverts from my job, but  I really wouldn't want to deal with someone online too. I mean reality is already the worst of it. I looked at the screen and Justin had typed, "well I'm free tonight too how does 9 o'clock work for you? It's just that after 9 o'clock i usually head to bed because I just got a new job, and i work really early in the morning. So would you let video call you then?"

I replied back with a simple, "sure, 9o'clock." I looked at the clock at the bottom of my laptop and it was only 8:20pm. That gave me time to go see who was in the guest house and run back here to change out of these suspicious looking cloths to video chat with Justin. Perfect! While I was planning out my timings I heard Pixie barking outside. Oh shit, I had forgotten about her! I hurried out to my front door and opened it. Pixie ran in hopping around like she had been saved from the darkness that was slowly lurked in the horizon. I looked over to the back of the neighbors house where the guest house was, and saw a light turn on. This was my chance to sneek over. I ran and grabbed my cell phone which had been on the charger, then started outside by using my back screen door. It led me to the gate near the guest house so I wouldn't be seen going out through the front door. When I started wondering nearer towards the glass window which was open to the guest house I began crawling. As I was crawling I felt my phone begin to vibrate. I must have been getting a phone call, but I didn't have time for that because I was on a mission. Then before I knew it I was right under the window.

I could hear someone moving around within the house. I tried to listen to see how close they were by the footsteps or how far away. The only problem was I couldn't tell which way they was facing. I mean I didn't want to pop my head up right when their looking directly in my direction. So this was gonna be a Russia Roulette of hid-and-seek. When I heard the footsteps move farther and farther away I slowly peeked my head up over the window ceil and looked into the window. Inside it looked like a very nice guest house with no one in it though? How could this be like I know I heard footsteps so where did they go. I continue to look around the guest house and from what I could tell there were a ton of brown, newly sealed moving boxes. I guess the person that is here is moving in with the family. Then I saw a small shadow peek from the hallway that led to another room on the other side. It began coming closer and closer until a figure appeared. I ducked down quickly so I wouldn't be seen and then slowly rose back up.

There was a guy in the kitchen. He had a blue V-neck shirt with a pair of Hollister Blue Jeans on. His arms where so toned that you could see every single curve of his muscles from where I was across the room. As my eyes lingered from his arms straight up to his chest my mouth began to drop when I saw his six pack pressed from within the blue shirt. Oh my god I thought! Then my eyes lingered up to his face. I couldn't see from so far away the color of his eyes but the way the light glimmered off of them they looked like a dark blue. His facial features looked like a Ken barbie doll with black hair jelled into a small spike in the front. He looked very professional, but young. He might have only been in his twenties just like me. Before I could check out this guy any farther my phone started vibrating. I tried to turn it off but hit the volume button instead. Immediately it started playing Sugar by Maroon 5. He looked over and I ducked when i finally pushed the mute button. I heard his footsteps coming closer and closer towards the window I panicked and didn't know what to do. Finally I saw a nearby bush it was right by the gate to my building . I crawed as fast as I could, and weather i liked this, or not I was going into the damn bush. Through the bush I saw him look around his yard. He looked directly at me while I was in the bush, but I guess he couldn't see me because he turned around, and shut the window. As soon as he disappeared I got out of the prickly bush, and went through the gate to run back into my house.

As I entered I saw my computer light flashing, and my message machine blinking. I needed to check my cell phone to see who had called me at the time of my stealth mode, but well let's just say before I could check it or any of them I heard my doorbell. Who could it be at this time of night I thought? I looked at the time and now it was 8:50 pm. I hurried to my front door to see who it could be before I opened it though I slightly pushed Pixie with my foot away first. It was to basically get to the door, and to get her to stop her little annoying, ferocious bark. As I opened the door there stood Kyle with a bouquet of roses and a video game in his hand.

"What are you doing here?" I said.
"Well you wouldn't respond to me on Skype, or when I called you on your cell phone so I took the liberty of coming over to see if you were okay. Sandy told me you weren't feeling the best so I brought flowers. Oh and if your wondering about the video game, well let's just say I'm going to kidnap you over to my house to play it." said Kyle.
"Why do you want me to come over to play video games with you so bad man?" I said.
"Well we haven't hung out in a while and I missed you. So I'm not gonna accept any answers except for yes. So if I were you I'd grab Pixie and your cell phone and come over to my house, or else." said Klye.
"Or else what?" I said.
"Or else we are going to end our friendship now haha." Kyle said.
"Fine hold on let me just turn of my lights be right back." I said

Then after turning of everything I quickly ran to my room and grabbed my Victoria Secret bag. I then threw my brush, toothbrush, and a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top. I really didn't need anything else because Kyle had a few of my things already at his house still. His place was like a storage locker for the rest of my stuff basically haha. But after I grabbed Bear I got my cell phone and hurried out the door. I locked it and then met up with Kyle who was grinning just because he knew he had gotten his way.

When we got to Kyles house which was basically a gigantic beach condo which was like a mansion because of his rich parents. He opened the doors and I walked in and went directly to his room to throw my bag on his bed. He slowly came in behind me and asked if I wanted anything to drink.
"Yeah I'd love a Coke if you have one, but hey before it gets later would you mind if I hopped in your shower so I can get cleaned off? I mean I smell like a bush." I said
"What kind of bush?" Kyle asked.
"Oh my gosh stop being a pervert and I meant a bush that you'd find outside dork." I said.
"Haha I know I was just messing with you but sure. I'll get the game set up and make us some popcorn for our sodas." said Kyle.
"Okay cool I'll be right back." I said

As I went to the bathroom I shut the door behind me started taking off my clothes gosh I wish I would have changed out of all this black attire I thought. I mean I look like a freaking robber, but who cares it's just Kyle and I. Then after I was undressed  I headed towards the shower and turn the water to a medium temperature. I hopped in and looked around for some of my shampoo or body wash. Sadly though i didn't have any at his place so I decided to use my other plan, and just use his like I usually did. I might of smelled like a guy but who cared he had some of the best body wash and shampoo that I have ever smelled before! I was in the shower for at least 10 minutes; I was trying to hurry up and then after I got the shampoo out of my hair completely I hopped out. I grabbed a towel to dry off then headed to the mirror. make sure I didn't look like an alien or monster when I went out. I know he's a friend and I wasn't worried about that, I was just worried about him taking Snapchat pictures of me lol.  Then I remembered that i forgot to bring in my clothes! I left his bag on his bed.This towel sucked too; because it basically only covered half of my body he really needed to get bigger towels. I walked over to the door and opened it. Kyle wasn't in the room so I hurried to grab it. When I got it I ran back to the bathroom, and I shut the door. After I put on my clothes, I didn't bring an extra bra so I just threw on my tank top and my underwear with my pajama shorts. I brushed out my hair and put it up in a messy bun then walked out.

I still didn't see Kyle any where, but the game was on, the soda was on the coffee table, but where was Kyle? Maybe he was just making the popcorn. I began walking out to the kitchen and then I heard his microwave beep. I walked over to it and opened up the microwave. The popcorn was done, but still no sign of Kyle... I began to yell his name a couple of times but no answer. Then I began to get worried. I started walking back to the bedroom and then saw Pixie in the lounge room chewing on her bone toy Kyle had gotten her. When I got to the bedroom I sat down of the bed. I picked up the PS3 controller,  but before I could hit any button I felt something behind me then before I knew it everything went dark!

Quote Time!

"You need darkness to see the stars..."

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