mommy iida

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Inspired story

No One POV:

Iida is like a mother to everyone in class 1A he treats everyone as if they were his kid, so to the rest of UA iida is the mom and they are all his kids. He does baby one person more though and that is the 1 and only katsuki bakugou. It's hard not too when hes so small and adorable and he may seem tuff but hes just a scared little boy in iida's eyes.

Iida POV:

It's a normal Saturday morning, like always I wake everyone up and make sure they get ready properly then I get to bakugo's dorm. I open the door slowly and see him curled up in a ball hugging a stuffie I coo silently before going over and shacking him softly

"Hmmm" bakugou face srunches a little

"Time to wakeup little one" I say softly

"Noo" he whines quietly

"I'm afraid that's not a choice silly" I say and pick him up he groans and lays his head on my shoulder, I walk to his bathroom and brush his teeth and do his hair for him. Hes always super tired so he just let's me do anything really. Once I'm done I pick him back up and lay him on the edge of the bed I pick out a cute outfit which is a big hoodie and some jeans and change him

"Hey don't go back to sleep bubs you can have a nap later" I say he whines and open his eyes again I pick him up and go downstairs everyone is on the couch talking

"Good morning!" I say they all turn and say good morning

"Can you say goodmorning bubs?" I ask bakugou he hides his face in my chest

"Morning.." he says quietly they all coo at him making him blush we woke to the couches with everyone else I have bakugou on my lap, he plays with my hand

"Do you notice how you baby bakugou?" Sero asks

"Yeah it's like your really his mom and hes the baby" ururaka says they all agree

"I'm not a baby!" Bakugou yells, welp guess hes now fully awake. He gets off my lap I pick him back up and set him back again he tries to get away

"Stop being so fussy" I say and give him a warning tap on him bum making him stop

"Four eyes- you don't actually see me as your "baby" right!?" He asks


"You do!" Bakugou yells a cuts me off

"Aw I think that's cute" momo says

"Awww" the girls squel

"That's so manly" kirishima says wiping a tear

"I think its adorable iida-kun!" Deku says, pretty sure bakugou disagrees

"I'm not a baby and your not my mom." He says crossing his arms with the cutest pout

"Come on bakubro it's not a bad thing!" Kirishima says bakugou just glares at him

"Sorry kirishima hes just grumpy" I say and bounce bakugou on my knee making him turn red, I kiss his cheek

"Let me go!" He yells

"Stop the tantrum or you get no toys in your bath tonight" I say sternly. I bathe him every night before bed and I always let him play with his little bath toys in the tub. Its adorable!

"Dont say that!!!" He says and turns towards me and hides his face in my chest I rub his back

"I think that's manly bro!" Kirishima says everyone compliments him but hes still embarrassed and he slowly falls into deep sleep on my shoulder.

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