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Lorenzo pov(Before getting twins)

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Lorenzo pov
(Before getting twins)

I was in my office doing work and remembering my children.

My twins.

Are they alive?

How do they look?

Is Alessia still innocent?

Is ace still always by her side as always?

Are they together?

We are still looking for them but it always comes to a dead end.

All my family is vulnerable without them.

Amanda died.

She died of fighting cancer for three years.

Her last words were 'Amore please find my twins and give them the love I can't give them. I love you all'


My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call.

It was unknown.

Usually I don't pick these kind of phone calls.

But I have a gut feeling that if I don't pick up I will regret in the future.

So that's what I did.

I picked it up.

"Hello Lorenzo rossi here."

My voice came cold and emotionless as usual.

"Hello Mr. Rossi I am ms Leah. I have your son and daughter Alessia and Ace Williams. Their foster father recently died. Are you going to take their guardianship or they will be left in the orphanage."

My twins.

By babygirl.

My son.

I am bursting from happiness.

"Yes I will be more than happy to have them. Where should i fetch them from." I asked

"They are currently living in California. They have not been informed of their stepfather. They are in Lakewood high school. You have to take them from there."

"Ok I will be there as soon as possible"
I cut the call and stood up from the chair and did a weird happy dance.

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