Visible Scars

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 15: Visible Scars

POV: Emily


"Who the bloody hell does he think he is?!"


"What gives him the right to open his troll-sized mouth to judge me? Me?!"

Crash. Crash.



"I should hex his bits off! Just so he'll end up adopting a kid with his life-partner named Fernando!"


"Can you believe your father?!"


"The audacity that man has to defend him! Like he was not talking rubbish as usual! It's like he swears that fucking twat isn't an imbecile! How we're all related, I'll never know!" Dominique raised a dish up in the air from where she sat on top of the kitchen counter and her emerald eyes focused on the door entrance. "—Can I help you?!"

My eyes opened wide at the dish in her hand and, just to be safe, I took a cautious step back. I shook my head in response, a little too afraid to speak. This girl was so unstable with her rage she'd forget that I was always nice to her and I'd get a face full of glass.

The dazzling beauty that was Victoire Lupin sighed with exasperation from her place beside her sister. Her glittering blue eyes found me, looking calm and sympathetic as she walked her way to me. Her expression, however, made it perfectly clear that she was not amused and she'd lost all her patience before I even came in.

"Come on in, Emily," the blonde woman said to me in a friendly manner. "Ignore Dominique, alright? She's in a bizarre rant right now and, seeing as nothing's going to stop her, mind as well pretend like the crazy, pregnant girl doesn't exist."

"I'm not angered!" Crash.

Victoire narrowed her eyes at her sister as she put an arm around me, pulling me along with her as she added closeness to her insane sister. I wasn't even sure if she was being welcoming or she was planning to use me as her shield.

"You better be fixing those, Dom. Continue to destroy Aunt Ginny's possessions and she'll no longer allow you to enter her home," Victoire warned her younger sister as she pulled out a chair for me.

A dim smile is all the graduated Ravenclaw got from me. I thought it'd be a good idea to take a breather, ditch James for a moment as he talked to his grandfather, but now I wasn't sure if I was safer outside, risking James and his nonstop chatter, or in here; where Dominique was currently running amuck with sharp objects. I just wanted a moment to breathe, to think, to conclude—but you don't really get quiet, peaceful moments whenever a Weasley was around.

"I wonder if there's a law against beating impregnated witches," Dominique voiced randomly, turning to her right and noticing that her stack of dishes was now gone. "Mind you, we all know Dad's temper. And from his expression earlier, I'm sure he's planning a smackin' when we return home."

Victoire frowned at her sister, yet she still managed to pour a glass of water for me. I raised my brow at the action but said nothing. She was now running a hand on my back in a soothing manner, like she could sense my distress. "Don't be ridiculous," she was the one to speak. "Dad has never struck us, Dominique, and I doubt he'll start doing it now. Besides, I don't know how many times I've got to tell you that they're not angry with you, they're just frustrated. You have to understand that—"

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