Chapter 2

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I walked into school with the hoodie I was given last night. Then I realized, I didn't even ask his name and I didn't tell him mine either. I kept walking until I got to my locker and punched in the combination, as a group of girls stood giggling and gesturing towards my self. I ignored them as I walked past triumphantly with my head held high. I wasn't entirely sure what it was, but ever since last night, I felt like I actually belonged. Maybe it was the way he looked at me like he could see my thoughts and he understood. Whatever it was, I just knew I loved the feeling. I stepped into my first class and found my seat as some whispered and stared. The teacher spoke,"You will have a project this semester and as you probably guessed, it will require a partner." Immediately everybody looked at each other, except for of course, me. The room erupted into chattering and before anyone could finish,"Calm down! Calm down! Your project is to observe your partner for 1 week. and record data of things like daily routines, activities, you get the point." Everybody stood to chose partners and I stayed seated doodling on the inside cover of my notebook, when I was interrupted. In front of me, he stood there. How had I not recognized him last night? Did he recognize me? "So since we have to have partners for this stupid thing. I was wondering if you'd wanna maybe be my partner." I just sat staring for a minute until he spoke again,"Uh last night, I don't think we exchanged names. Mines Noah." The same question remained in my mind. How had I not recognized him and if we obviously have class together, how did I not know his name? "Oh yeah, um I'm Nicole." He smiled. Just seeing him smile made my stomach churn. "Why are you smiling?" I asked curiously. "It's just that we go to the same school, and never even knew each other existed, and here we are and I feel like I've known you forever." It's like he was reading my exact thoughts. I had been feeling the same way. "I know it's weird. I feel that way too." Realization struck me and I discovered that not only was I having a conversation, it was my second full conversation- and with a boy. "So the project." He said abruptly. "Oh yeah of course. Sure I would love that." I said my cheeks burning. "Great. Why don't you come over tomorrow after school?" I know it's just for a project, but it made me smile to realize I had just been invited to someone's house. "Okay." I reply with a smile I couldn't even believe was my own. The bell rang and everybody fled out the door anxious to get home, and for once so was I. Anxious to get home, go to bed, wake up, and hear that last bell again.

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