"I think he is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder its very common among retired veterans" Gavin said

I sat on the couch "Does it go away?"

"No not really but he could learn how manage it by going to therapy"

"So I'm basically never getting my dad back"

"You'll get him back it just takes time"

I sighed "hopefully"

He came over and kissed my forehead "Everything's gonna be alright"

I smiled

A few hours later

Gavin was doing some research or whatever on his laptop

I opened the fridge and there was only old take out food, milk and an apple, which was starting to mold

I looked in the cabinets but nothing.

"Um Gavin wheres the food?"

"In the fridge" he said focused on his laptop

"No there isn't"

I forced him to take me to Giant

I wondered into the snack aisle

As I was getting the salt and vinegar chips I saw someone who looked oddly familiar


She turned around her face was so drained

"Hey Ava"

"Oh my god, I haven't seen you in so long" I said giving her a tight hug then I looked at her stomach

"Yeah" she said

"You're pregnant?" I asked

"Yeah" she said drearily

I examined her face she had aged like 20 years

"You OK?" I asked

"I gotta go.. I'll see you later"

I grabbed her arm "Stephanie, you've been gone for months and you don't look so well...is everything ok?"

She jerked her hand out of my grip "When Trey gets his act together we'll be a family so don't worry about me" she spat then hurried out of the store

"Hey I was looking for you" Gavin said "Whats wrong?"


"...Like She literally looked like she was in her 40s I wouldn't have recognized her" I told Jackie over the phone

"Oh my god I feel so bad. We need to help her what was she even doing up there?"

"I don't know but she really doesn't want our help"

"How pregnant was she?"

"I don't know maybe 4 or 5 months"

"We have to do something Ava"

"There's oh so much we can do Jackie"

"Why are you so cold?" Jackie asked

"What do you mean?"

"She's our best friend...shes been our best friend since elementary school we have to help her"

"How do we help someone who doesn't want help it'll be a waste of time" I said

"Fine whatever" she murmured then hung up

I sighed then hung up

"What happened?" Gavin asked

"My friends are incoherent" I said tossing my phone on the coffee table

"That's why I don't have any" he smiled

"You don't? That's hard to believe" I said sarcastically

"I mean I did growing up but people began bullshitting so I went solo" he said getting closer to me

"Maybe I should too"

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