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Longer note than usual, please read!

Some really important things are coming up this month and next month, so I think this will be the last update for a while, but until then, please leave your ideas here! Anything is welcomed, i would love to hear ideas and constructive critisism.

  Mai will be first because I like her more than Maki. (Don't get me wrong, she's a goddess, but Mai just hits that spot for me. Maki is coming too sometime, after my exam period is over) Also, first time writing gender neutral reader, please rate it!

The shower was warm, nice scented mist filling the small space as you relaxed after a hard and tiring training. You were alone in the cabins, or so you thought.

You closed your eyes as the warm water hit your skin, refreshing the sore muscles. You massaged your thigs, your training with Mai did a toll on you as she was a skilled fighter, always initiating fights with you.

"Do you mind?" a seductive voice was whispering into your ears as you opened your eyes quickly, seeing Mai looking into your eyes.

"Huh, no." you looked away, a little flustered, creating a little more space between your hot, wet bodies.

Mai was so hot, it was impossible not to take a look at her well formed features, her body was inches away from yours, so close that you could feel the heat radiating from it.

"You like it?" she smiled at you, closing the space between the two of you, a devilish little smirk plasted on her face as she looked at your body, up and down.

"Hey, Mai, go back to your own thing." you took a step back, only to be met with the corner of the shower cabin.

"Huh? I couldn't hear you? Could you speak up?" Mai came closer to your flushed body, her breasts now clearly visible. Your vision fell on them, how the water was dripping down from them, small veins of water on them.

She took your chin into her hand, turning your head to have your attention. As you looked into her eyes, she had a different look on her face than usual, it was something you couldn't name yet. Yet somehow it still intrigued you, her soft features were closer to you than before, everything in this moment was quiet, the sounds water hitting the cabin's floor was numb, as the only thing was her and you.

She got closer to you, now her nipples touching your hot skin, making everything boil inside you, as you could feel goosebumps from pleasure rise on your skin.

"Fuck, Mai, what are you doing?" you asked flustered as your hands automatically pulled her closer.

"Don't tell me you don't like it." her hand trailed off to your intimate area, the hot feeling never leaving your body, as she started teasing you.

A moan left your mouth as she quickened her movements. You kissed her roughly, your bodies melting into each other as tbe water seemed to be colder than before.

Her kisses were dominating, commanding and really wet. Her tongue pushed deeper and deeper into your mouth, building up the already stiff feeling in your lower abdomen as your orgasm was near.

She broke the kiss, looking into your eyes. "You're so so hot, fuck."

This made your stomach turn as pleasure was overclouding your senses, her words making your brain fuzzy. You grabbed her breasts with your hands, nearing your head to her nipple, sucking on it, biting it softly as she moaned too, working faster on your lower region.

You couldn't handle it anymore as your release took over you, your hot, flushed body was all hers, she kissed you as small moans escaped your lips.

"Let's continue this at my dorm, okay?" she whispered into your ear again, her soft voice giving you butterflies in your stomach.

Comments and votes are welcomed! Sorry for this short update, I just wanted to write someting with Mai!

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