Inches and Miles

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Nate sat in a restaurant with Grace and her family, his family and a ghost haunting him. He was smiling and laughing at the right moments, putting in his two cents when necessary and all the while silently losing his mind. He could still taste Grace in his mouth, in a way he never had before and it was killing him. He'd wanted to do that to her for years now, and the moment had been everything he could have hoped for. From the control fracturing sounds of her moans to the way her body had reacted to his every deliberate stroke and the way she'd gripped his head to hold him there tightly instead of chasing him away.

Just thinking about it now was making it rather uncomfortable to be in his jeans but the arousal stopped dead as Nate also recalled the look in her eyes after he had stopped. He hadn't done that to her because he'd always wanted to try and give her the chance with a man who was worth all the greatness she had inside. But he had spent the night telling her some of the burdens he carried and she had just offered every comfort she could. He hadn't consciously decided to go through with it, but once he had her under him like that, his heart and his mind had been in accord. He had looked in her eyes and was about to tell her that he was in love with her when he saw the fear in her gaze. She hadn't wanted to go that far even if she hadn't stopped him and it looked to him exactly like she was about to say something heart breaking when he looked away.

It had been a mistake to go that far without being honest of his feelings first and now it was too late to change that and he had no clue how to fix this. So instead he sat at a table full of the people who would be the most affected by all of this and tried to act like everything was normal. Adriana was watching him in a way that said she knew something was bothering him, and Grace was avoiding eye contact with him at all costs. Needless to say it was not a comforable position for Nate to be stuck in for however long it took everyone to eat. He had to force down every bite of the otherwise delicious carne asada, unable to enjoy the flavour without his usual appetite. Of course, it only added to the brick in his gut to catch Westley constantly glowering at him. Grace's father was an intimidating man sometimes, especially since Nathaniel had the full history of his past as well as Nate's own father's. It was hard to believe that his father was capable of killing someone, but somehow Nate had no trouble believing that Grace's father had.

Nate felt the growing urge to get out of the mob of his family and just go blow some steam against a punching bag. He'd been hitting up the gym with Tom more and more lately, something that amused his father greatly. Considering the fact that Tom was the son of Malcolm's old gang leader Carlitos, it seemed that no where Nate went, could his escape the close knit group. Still, Nate had accepted that fact long ago so he wasn't terribly bothered by it now. Carlitos and Maya didn't really come out all that much, hampered by Carlitos' wheelchair and the strange hours she worked as a private investigator, but Nate saw them at regular intervals throughout the year. Right now he just wanted to see their son though, so he could beat the crap out of a bag with him.

So while everyone chatted and chittered around the table, Nate pulled out his cellphone. Need rematch. You up for it? he sent to Tom.

Nate knew better than to expect a quick response back. Tom was a lot of things, but quick ot check his phone was not one of them. It was actually kind of cool, truthfully. Tom's phone could buzz and ring a few times and he'd ignore it, respecting the person he was with until the conversation was concluded.

Nate's family and family friends had all but finished their meal and were starting to get ready to disperse before Tom texted back. Punk, I'll own you like a dirty pair of socks.

The sudden laughter made everyone look at Nate and he just grinned and shrugged, not bothering to explain. That actually made less than no sense you knob. 15 min. Be there.

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