Chapter one

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I was in a dark room in the back of a car, we were moving. My hands and feet were tied together and my mouth were gagged. Yesterday I was free and now I was on my way to a life of century's of torture. Witches were immortal and there were very few of them left in the country. The most had escaped or been killed. I only wish my vampire master would be merciful. Even thought I couldn't die without another's witch hand, I felt pain five times worse than a normal human being. Making their punishments even more excruciating. The older the witch got the easier they could block out the pain. Unfortunately I had just chosen my immortality age two years ago. That made me only nineteen.

When you were a witch you could chose in which age you wanted to become immortal. Because of the war I decided 17. If I had waited I would probably be dead.  The thing the vampire's didn't know was that we had another weakness; the venom from a bite would kill us.

The car came to a holt. I heard a couple of footsteps before I was blinded by the sun. The man who had captured me, presumably a vampire took a good grip on my long hair and dragged me towards the beautiful white castle. Also my prison for eternality.

"Your majesty." From the corner of my eye I could see the shabby looking vampire bow. "How much does she cost?" I heard a superior voice said with disgust in his voice.

"500,000 my Lord." The man who until now sat got up abruptly.

"She is beautiful indeed, but THAT is an overstatement! What are you fooling with, don't you know I am the king?!" He began losing temper and I could feel the vampire who brought me here shiver.

"S-she is a witch my lord." I heard him say and it became silent. Suddenly I felt somebody sniffing my neck. "You are right." The male voice spoke softly. Astonished over the fact.

"She would become a good slave for my son. Bring her to his room." He ordered and I felt myself being dragged again, this time only by my arm.

Before he was out of range I heard him say. "And don't bother with untying her ropes, my son can have a bit fun with her."

My body were thrown to the grown and I heard something in my wrist brake. Normally I would have healed fast, but the silver around my neck prevented me in doing so. How ironic isn't it? The silver weekends me so much that if I use my powers to heal or escape I would pass out.

I gritted my teeth not to scream from the unbearable pain. Years of practice had made me manage that. My father used to abuse me, hit me and even rape me when I lived with him. The only reason I stayed with him was because he gave me protection against the vampire's who had taken over the country. Human's were looked at as food- giving slaves and their only reason for living was serving the vampire's. Witches on another hand were looked at as power. Having a creature with a great deal of magic on their side made other vampire kingdoms fear. 

The man with a face I never could remember kicked me in my side. "Have a good time, Slave!" His voice was filled with sarcasm and venom. It made me shrink and he chuckled an evil laugher on the way out. I heard the room being locked and I closed my eyes, trying to pretend this was only a bad dream. But reality was still there and there was nothing I could do about it.

Within seconds I was sound asleep and there were nothing such as vampire's in the world anymore. My comfort zone didn't last long though before I was yanked up from the floor by my hair and was thrown even harder back again by a strong male arm. "Well hallo there little Slave!" I dared a peak, but got a painful slap on my cheek.

"You will not look at me, before I order you to do so." I heard a voice say. I squeezed my eyes shut and shrank together. Waiting for the next strike to come.

"Now. Look at me." He ordered, but my fear was too big. Was he going to kill me already? Was he going to torture me? Was he going to starve me until I begged for death?

"LOOK AT ME YOU FILTY SLAVE!!" He sneered and that made me snap back to reality, where I was laying on the floor gagged and bound. I looked up to see a tall male, with dark hair and green eyes. His muscles were gorgeous and it all screamed 'HOT, HOT, HOT!' all over him.

"Well that was better." He stated. " I am going to explain the rules for you. One; don't do anything I don't ask you to do and do always as I say or else you will be punished... hard." He added the last part while smirking evilly at me and it was then I decided I hated the gorgeous creature in front of me.

"Two; Refer to me as master and never speak if not spoken to."

 "I like sleeping during the day. You will sleep under my bed." His voice made me shiver.

 I wanted to run away and fast. The necklace around my throat burned like hell, but it was nothing compared to what I already had been through, I had a feeling it hadn't even started.

I felt another kick in my side and it made me caught several times behind the gag. "What are you waiting for Slave? Get your ass under my bed. NOW!" He sneered.

I glanced up at him between coughs. I could barely move, my hands and feet were tied for goodness sake! I wanted to scream and yell the ugliest things at him, but knew from experience it would only make things worse.

So very humiliating I managed to crawl under his bed like the animal I was treated as. The second I was under it I crawled into a ball and let my tears run down my cheeks silently. The worst part was that I had a feeling this was my master being 'nice'.

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