Happy Reading A/N

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If you want a first person POV check out my other novel Blame the Blood.

First novel attempt ever! Can't believe I've got the first draft up.

This book is currently going though an edit, of jokes and references not of plot, so feel free to point out anything that seems a little much *cough* race relations, or a little less *cough* low romance (I can write that separate stories from the universe if I get requests). However, my old friend who is an erotica writer no less pointed out YA should be pretty clean and YA can read between the lines, the main character is 16 at the start so could turn to NA and steamy when she's 18...

Chapter Lengths: The first chapter is 3000 words because it was initially written as a pilot, the rest average between 500 - 2000 words.

Pretty please let me know if:

.I need to explain a reference (cause I'm too English sometimes, and love the Devon based jokes). The cover apparently needs explanation, but halfway through the novel all things turn up...

.The joke isn't funny (NGL see above XD)

.I made a spelling or grammatical error (Devon based spelling and grammar feature!)

.You think the character is OOC (The devil of writing from all POVs!)

.And pairings! Please get involved more characters can be created!

Happy Reading!

...NGL even the chapter covers are going to be jokes!

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